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Jack. And Joe getting. Joe Getty who owed the Bob Mueller radio talk show asked the same question to their listeners. And here's their response. Got the smallest sneck I've ever seen give you this is Ed McMahon. And now he on strong and getting. Aplomb studio sees of space yard. Hey, damn Lee lent Rome with them bowel to the Armstrong and Getty communications compound. And today we're in the between Lynchburg general manager talking about impeachment. Not impeachment talking only this is alive. Programme? I'm holding up a newspaper like hostage to show that doesn't belive program. You get at it printed on the internet yesterday. I had some run I'd run to Aaron Jif today. Morning. And so my first errand I go into the UPS play. And I got us play in there and says wait a second, wait a minute. I'm listening to you right now. It's not really you. And then my next air, and I took away the world's Greg thrown than my next air to errands. I went to get along more and they're playing in there. Wow. He's way to say. India? Testing. Now's a good.

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