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Boston overcoming all these injuries in basketball you've got a volume of injuries now they have another young stud pitcher who's gonna have to have tommy john now the dodgers are in trouble ever since we left l a jalen i don't know what happened they i'll watch the giants stage a late night comeback against the padres turned a five three deficit in the bottom of the ninth into a six five win at one point the giants down to their last strike back to back singles from evan longoria nick hundley producing three runs and a walk off with i think this was still going on our staff got to work today right this is one of those games than our staff that comes in early two to work their behinds off and try and put a good tv show on the i think they want i think people think you're exaggerating that is not one hundred percent true stanley cup playoffs the golden knights of your awesome may goal putting on a show overtime beating the sharks william carlson that was the game winner it was his fourth of the post fourth goal of the postseason it's just i this is my i just have so many questions like who were the fans that go to these games are they tourists that are visiting biggest or do they have vegas people i don't know i have so many we wondered for the longest time which sports work in vegas you put a winner like this this fast helps a lot so far so good turning football there's a new study out boston healthcare system and be school of medicine it's players who started playing tackle football before the age of twelve or now displaying symptoms related to t an average of thirteen years earlier than other players that study published yesterday in the annals of neurology last hour we.

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