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Wgn radio live in the now wgn sports white socks over texas ten to five socks will start new series in cincinnati on monday night pregame with animators who at five thirty five i v six ten with ed farmer darren jackson right here on seven twenty wgn cubs sweet minnesota eleven ten the score they are off on monday check wgn traffic right now we've got an accident on the inbound bishop ford between one hundred and thirtieth and one hundred fifteenth street and another one on the outbound bishop ford near one hundred thirtieth and that is causing some delays right now on the inbound bishop ford between one hundred and thirty four th street one hundred fifteen hundred and fifteenth that is a sixteen minute trip right now that's about twelve minutes extra on your travel time on the inbound kennedy between montross sam adams that's a twenty one minute trip right now and checking the rest of the area expressways tollways and highways delays on the inbound kennedy between o'hare and downtown twenty nine minute trip on the outbound side twenty three minutes and over on lake shore drive we're seeing some delays as you make your way around the oak street curve downtown and some delays over on the dan ryan they're minor but between the bishop ford and downtown at say twenty one minute trip on the inbound side outbound is fifteen minutes for first one is traffic on demand get the traffic chicago app approved by team hockberg at perl mortgage just search t r af f i x chicago your forecast from.

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