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Or wherever you get your podcasts. Mindy killings velma is going to be south asian and that's that cleveland's baseball team is now called the guardians aka the baseball team formerly known as the indians and buzzfeed shannon keating joints to talk housewives. And why we all need to the gay. God's for kathy hilton. It's july twenty third thousand twenty one brands. I'm casey rackham. I'm steven the conti. Well could it buzzfeed daily. Even if there's one thing. I know about people that they don't take change. Well they do not especially the internet so specifically i am talking about recent people being too precious about old cartoon characters news because mindy killing has words for everyone. Who's mad that her version of scooby doo character. Velma will be south asian. She recently told seth meyers that. While at first people were stoked she'd be voicing the character in an upcoming animated spinoff. Many weren't too thrilled when it was announced that the character would be south asian. They were not happy. There is a lot of like show. Not velma like those kind of tweets bad classic velma that i'm always thinking about mindy went on to say. She was surprised that people were having so much trouble. Imagining that quote a really smart nerdy girl with terrible eyesight and who loved to solve mysteries could be indian. I mean casey. I shouldn't be surprised that this turned into a scandal. Just given you know how horrible the internet is..

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