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Roxy Bernstein and Don MacLean on the Pac 12 Network. Alonzo Verge with a running jumper 11 seconds to go gives the Sun Devils a 60 59 lead over the coup's Washington only five and 20 this season. They need to run the table in Vegas at four o'clock they take on the Utah, Utah. I think the biggest thing that we have to do Is really worry about us. I do believe that matchups are important, but we've been able to play well against them in the second game. Washington head coach Mike Hopkins Nice weather in Peoria, Arizona, Lousy day for the Seattle Mariners losing their Cactus League game. 17 4 and seven innings to Texas 15 minutes away on Come on, is Well, you need Amazon Prime to watch Thursday night. NFL Football. Sports updates attended 40 after the hour. Bill Swartz come on Ears come on his time. 3 11. There are new calls today for what are known is vaccine passports. ABC news Transportation correspondent Geo Benitez with the story with airlines asking the White House to develop federal guidance for temporary health credentials. Would keep track of travelers negative covert tests and proof of vaccination instead of hanging on to little pieces of paper or complicated pieces of paper. It's really just using your phone and in a way that we hope will simplify things for the government and for the passengers. So what could it do? While the airlines do not want vaccines mandated for travel, they hope the digital health past will allow people to avoid domestic and international quarantine requirements. I know the state of Hawaii. He's considering just that if you're able to show you have The test and the vaccine. They're going to eliminate the quarantine, the popular app clear, which allows users to skip long lines at airports and event venues, announcing it will soon start using its act to store vaccination records. The concept is a global won the European Union considering these passes for people to move safely across the EU are abroad. China launching its own version Monday and Israel already using vaccine passes, giving those vaccinated access to hotel gym's music venues and even cruises. Royal Caribbean Restarting vaccine on Lee Cruises from Israel in May Now. The CDC says that even those vaccinated should avoid travel right now. But many experts believe that that guidance is gonna be changing sometime soon as Maura people get those vaccinations. That's a B C's Geo Benito is reporting. The end of the mask mandate in Texas is creating a host of legal issues for business owners who are now in charge of the rules. Texas Workforce Commission lawyer Tommy Simmons says employers Do you have the legal right to tell their employees that they cannot wear a face mask while on the job? Technically, state law would not prevent such an action by the employer. But an employer directive like that could run afoul of OSHA and CDC guidance. He says. If a business owner bans masks, they could be liable if one of their workers get sick. Where this afternoon Matthew Makana Hayes once again of hinting that he could run for Texas governor, He was on a podcast today, which was put out by crime Stoppers of Houston. Should your next leadership role ever include you running for governor of this wonderful state? We'd be very happy. But don't answer that. I'm not asking that question. I hear you. I'm not asking for consideration. Last year, he told a syndicated radio show that politics is broken, and if that changes he would be in a heck of a lot more interested situation. Kurt, currently Mahane, he is putting together a benefit for Texans affected by last month. Winter storms. Cos time. 3 14 traffic on the fourth from the Juvenile Law Group Traffic Center here is Marina with our issues. Well, we had definitely have some slowdowns into coma area because of some earlier issues to North bound by five is quite heavy from highway 16 through the city center of to come into about Portland Avenue south on I five is quite heavy from Highway 18 down through the five curve getting heavier in Parkland now eastbound 5 12 from Steel Street. Almost golden given road south bound 167 a slow go out of al Gona, and it'll be tough past Ellingson and continue to be sluggish. Well past Jovita Boulevard. We have it difficult south and four or five in Bellevue from Northeast eight through Newcastle South and I fight getting heavier. It sounds center from four or 5 to 1, 88 south and five into Seattle. That's a struggle from Lake City Way down towards The West Seattle Bridge north on I five and ever getting heavier from 73rd two past highway to your next coma. Traffic at 3 24. This traffic update sponsored by Beacon plumbing, heating and electrical called beacon today and say $50 on all electrical work. Just call 1 800 frequent and stop freaking called Beacon. Clear and cold tonight into the thirties. Once again, we'll have sunshine tomorrow and Friday with highs in the mid Upper fifties, possibly 65 Saturday, downtown Seattle now 52 degrees of 3 15. Stay connected. Stay informed. The Northwest's on Lee 24 hour News Station Co. Moh news 1000 FM 97 7 with ELISA Jaffe I'm Rick van size our editor, Jeremy Greater technical direction from Bill O'Neill. The NC double A is being called on to pull its championships from.

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