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On July thirteenth, twenty ten the day after learning about the results. He meets with prosecutors and present his case. It's Toyota's. First DNA has played such an important role. He's hoping to charge Kevin proud with the shooting of Camille Hamilton and the murders of Nikita Hamilton, faith business, or Davey, and Bishop. Not yet prosecutors. Say. They tell them the same thing. The lab manager had told him the day before. The DNA results are start. They declined to charge Kevin and tell the detective. He's got more work to do. Two weeks later, he's on a plane to Jamaica. On the next episode of felonious Florida. The murders commute Hamilton confronts Kevin Pratt after a lineup of possible suspects and the encounter is explosive. Kevin insists he didn't kill anybody, but when the DNA evidence gets stronger, he faces the death penalty. As the years go on problems at the investigation are uncovered, and suddenly the case against Kevin isn't as strong as once thought. Thanks for listening to this episode of colonial Florida. If you're enjoying the podcast, please rate us on apple podcasts and tell your friends about our show. It's available online, felonious, Florida dot com. Apple podcasts, one dot com or wherever you listen to podcasts, you can go online to see photographs video and read more about the cases were featuring at felonious, Florida dot com and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The loneliest Florida's produced by the south Florida sun sentinel and wondering the Encino murders was reported and written by Stephen Hobbs, and I'm your host and sound designer. Mccade Austin, our producers are David shoots and one or tak- editing by Randy were Guskey sound direction by Sean pits with additional recordings by Carleen. Jean, the felonious Florida team includes Arthur, Dana banker, Yourann zoo, Danny Sanchez and Kelly fry. Hi, this is Stephen Hobbs. Local journalism matters support us by joining the Sun-Sentinel south. Florida's leading source of news, information in entertainment, visit Sun-Sentinel dot com. Slash join.

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