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On a turtle to that you are already turtle and then you get you more started right. This is what else should get barbeque. Gotta let him know all time. That's right let him know showing that them. No if you're not feeling the love today. This is a refuge for the love. This is just sanctuary right here. Be confined to get your love. We're gonna provide that for you because you're walking around here in the streets. Listen to whatever you're listening to in the morning because there's a lot of folks that are morning drive people than listen to the radio and tv in the morning because this is a podcast is a video podcast so you get the best of both worlds here. We're going to show you love. Because you know why i can prove that because the members that are in this chat room here on the virtual side of this program are nothing but loving people barbie cologne. That's facts facts series. Barbecue can attest to that right now. That the people that you about the meet all my newbies in there. We'll show you a whole lot of love and i could prove it to you twice because there's people in it has been with us for a couple of years that was brand new and now getting all that love because we have this love community. I'm talking to you my newbies Snap out of it. You have been liberated. You are now among friends and then that and this friendship. We'd know that you feel inadequate for now. But it's fine because we all do because we love the misfits and if you're listening to this show this one common bond that we all have we double is five percent of crazy and all of us. I've my percentage is higher. Get because i don't even understand why every day your cup over here listening to be because i am completely out of my mind completely but at least with my transparency. I share that and get what i need. So you get this love this morning my new folks bingo bobby. Guess what else they get. They get a cleaning clean. You gillet gills clean halfway. You can tell somebody's skin how to colleagues looking for skids cleared. you'd go. It's fine if you got a big got bought. Twenty four head. You know what it is to. My new people were it. You know the deal. My vets imagine every organises below your stomach and above your rectum. Swe store you hate. We gotta be move your hate on a daily basis. I keep saying. I'm gonna say to what they say back in the day to the cows home move on a turkey tuesday support because the three for one three for. Oh you get three for my god. You don't even get that at your fast food. Restaurant gets more started right. Get some love and you get your guilty clean. We can go on with your day and saying all switched about new people and this goes to my best shared a show. Bobby just said it. We hear busing. I asked saving lives and on the say or on the reverse you save in our lives to so do us a favor. If you don't mind share the show hit star button please and thank you because when we take a break at the end of the but i don't know what you're going to replace replays and i'm a hit you with that. Color announcement of the week is out. So gather around my friends in hull up around camp harvey while we take you on this. Mr cool magical rod to never never land where we are going to go up and down with emotions because in this show and what we do here each and every day we go play mental gymnastics You can go on to the gym Go work out your muscles physical muscles. That's something else. But you want your mental gymnastics. You doing push ups in your mind today. That's the type of work we've put on this show now. Twenty nine minutes after the hour on the east coast. Just want to say one thing to things. Imbaba start this. Okay okay. that's that's best. There's some hood ish. The date is rapidly approaching our sunday. Night laughs is going down this sunday. April eighteenth at the i. M you Bobby where's that located your mind. Eight thirty one south delaware. Dr and eastern pennsylvania kick doors. Open five pm nicer earlier. Showtime at six is headlined by new york. King talent talent to call on friday. Okay okay We have a life size crowd coming out. It's almost so out i want. I need the next ten people to sell of what. Show the come on house hosted by your boy you know me. She'll be not your ordinary comedian almost as not is this real different jokes in energy real different different man aldo is going to be in the building. We're gonna have a good time. Komo on out to mill was located on eight thirty one south delaware in eastern pennsylvania. God bless you thank you so much come on out wing specials food specials and then we have after party by dj hassles okay. So now when the show's over and this is not a long. Join our show you. You'd be fine. We don't time at six o'clock. I don't know if you'll know me when i do comedy shows or people hire me to hold shows. I start on time. He sure does he. S sep stuff with the staff wargin color. You said that was so much grace style just like cpi cpi. What does it go with sample color. People to harvey rejects color. People time i start eastern standard time. You bet your bottom dollar about six to walk right to that state. If i didn't even start already started five fifty nine and then after that after the new york king does his thing because he's going to rip the role guaranteed. Guess what we're gonna play some. You're gonna mingle. We're gonna play some music. You don't necessarily have to walk out late because it's going to be early enough to wake still hang out. Yeah and we also have some after after the comedy show drink and food specials if you just one hang out a little bit so come on now. I am mill. Sundays is the new saturday. Night was located at one more time. Eight thirty one south delaware dr in eastern pennsylvania costa rica. Oh my god only terry napa costa rica and your sit in their two months ago and months ago when harvey announced this shallow the boys as on harvey god bless. And you always running around here scared of the cocoa and you're always running around here probably close one of them. I love i. I got the in the house but the these out thing sure. Do look out there staying in the house to two thousand twenty three. What's called the buggies the brooklyn. I'm going to stay here my house in like a tomato on the under window ledge. I was saying. We're going to costa rico this bobby everybody else that the and.

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