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Like they would do challenges based off his hotel or whatever, but then there were also other brands that came in, but with Bethany show, it's just strictly Bethany Centric product. Yeah, I did not know that she had as many products as she had like her whole shapewear line. She said that's the top-selling thing that skinny girl offers. I was like what? I've never even heard of that but I'm a skimmed. I'm a skins girl. So you know I'm a big fan of the dog. She has the half-caff K-Cups which I know K-Cups are bad for the environment. I get that, but the K-Cup half caps. I like, because they're, it's like a little tiny jolt of caffeine in the afternoon. It's not a full dose, just sort of watery, which I enjoy. But it's I'm like brand loyal to that specific category, you know, interesting that's that skinny girl magic. There's just a lot of water and everything and I do know that Kelly Ripa cuz I'm a big Kelly Ripa fanis. She's a big fan of the jams like she's got the or preserves or something but I don't know you've tried those yet but I do know that they're popular with Kelly Ripa and I trust her with my life so they must be good. Okay, yeah, I trust that too. I wonder, like, what will skinny girl do next month? Like, where will they go from here? I mean, and, and yeah, what's next? I mean, cuz we got the it seems like it's splintering. We have the skinny girl, then we have the Bethany Bethany just started this like a sunglass. Flying. I believe that she's got sunglasses now or something. So I guess you're going. Sunglasses, skin, care Hair Care, like more lifestyle stuff with the Bethany brand, make stuff, maybe out with some point. Like make, I'm surprised, she hasn't, maybe I'm wrong, but I'm surprised she hasn't done like pajamas. Remember that time she had that big Scandal where she was posted on social media where she was wearing her daughter's pajamas. I ask who I am shocked..

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