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Sports radio. Anthony Lima in on the gresh show on this beautiful Saturday. We are doing this from Cleveland. It's been an all Cleveland day Ken Carman earlier today, and I picked up right where he left off get you ready really for six o'clock the big basketball game of the day. One of the biggest remaining in the regular season. Everybody winding down as we get closer to conference tournaments. It's Duke and UNC, however wa wa it's no sin again. And now the question start to hover will be there in the NCAA tournament. That is getting brought up fast and furious around college basketball, we're coming to you live from the rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans studio rocket mortgage is with you every step of the way to provide a seamless mortgage experience. I'm Anthony Lima and on the gresh show, so two hours from now you've got Duke and UNC we always do this one of the great rivalries in sports. And then this is where the guy who has no topics for a national sports talk show goes what's the best rivalry in sports at an eighth route the phone number. We will not be doing that. Because it's one of the most idiotic fruitless discussion. Any host has ever engaged in because I've never heard somebody out of region say that a different regions rivalry is considered the best like you won't find anybody in Columbus, Ohio who will tell you Yankees Red Sox. You're not gonna find anybody down in Alabama. That says Ohio State Michigan. That's not how this works. So we're not gonna do that. Instead, I'm going to tell you why do could UNC is not the big game of the day. It is a big one. And obviously tournament selection committee is going to be dialed into that nine days from now we have March madness really gets underway as we find out the seatings. What do they do sixty eight teams? Now seems like they want to grow this thing every single year Venturi behind we'll get his ninety six teams. And so we'll know that Syracuse won't ever be on the bubble again, they'll just get in every single year. But the big game of the day is tonight at eight o'clock as the first automatic bid gets doled out that would be the Ohio valley conference. And if you are in college hoops fan, you better be rooting for one team in that. Game that team is Murray state their best player. John Moran cannot be out of the fold in the NCAA tournament. I know many of you have seen the dunks on YouTube, but it's time to actually bone up on your Ohio valley conference and your Murray state basketball because John rant last night. Zander tainting, a guest had some wine. I sat back, and she goes, why are we watching this basketball game? I've never heard of either of these teams I said well, first of all it's not about you. It's about me getting ready for the biggest couple of weeks in the sports calendar. And it's about watching Jamaran. So if you don't know John Mirant is the explosive point guard for Murray state, not only is he averaging twenty six a game. He's also averaging ten assess our numbers that you just don't see. And when you actually watch him on the court. This isn't a guy that is chasing stats. He's not chasing assist totals. He is incredible. He has got some of the explosion of Russell Westbrook. But he's got the vision. I'm telling you this. He's got some of the vision of LeBron James and yet nobody's talking about him as the second best basketball player right now. Everyone seems to think that number two number ones locked up Xilai Williamson, and we all get that. No owner is going to bypass that freak show who's going to sell tickets day one. Even if you don't even think he's going to be the better pro ultimately. Between him reddish. You know? The duties that are out there or Josh Miranda. Now RJ is guy. Most people have poised to go number two. I'm just telling you have an open mind because last night, I officially declared on my Twitter feed at sports boy, Tony don't ask last night. I officially declared John Mirant as my number two. On sports. Boy, Tony big board. I'm going with them because I know we can dunk I know he can finish. And the shot is coming along. He obviously made the huge leap this year. And he's one of the best players in college basketball. And I think if you're on a at a big program to Cadillac program, we'd be talking about him as NCWA player of the year, the Naismith award winner, you've got to see this guy's vision close I implore you you have to watch the game tonight. I know you'll be thinking about, you know, Virginia Louisville. You're going to be thinking about the the end of Duke UNC. No trust me, take it all in you need to watch and root for Murray state and Jamarat because if they lose. They're probably not getting in there taking on Belmont. And sorry to all our fans listening in Tennessee. That are big Belmont supporters. They've run a great basketball program for many years. They've dominated that conference at times. But I I gotta say if you're a college basketball fan you need Jami rant in that tournament. You want him in that tournament? You wanna know why because we might not have Zion Williamson in that tournament. I hate to be the bearer of bad news. This is yet another five straight games. Now, he's gonna be out as he's gonna miss this UNC game. And I know March madness March madness and navy people. Think of it as interchangeable, but remember Ben Simmons didn't make the tournament four years ago that could be a situation. Look Duke still going to be fun to watch. But at Ames Iowa Williamson, and by the way, they want get a mention dukes one of the worst shooting teams in the country. Everybody's putting them as some lock to I go to the final four if they have signed Williamson they are three hundred and twenty first out of three hundred and fifty one shooting the basketball. I watched them in that first game at Cameron against Syracuse. Syracuse has been up and down all year they lost again today to Clemson Clemson need that game badly chocking for some selection committee right now these teams are all looking for wins. Indiana has a chance to get all. I know is I watched. Syracuse beat Duke daring them to shoot outside jumpers. And some dude named Jack white thought we knew all the Duke players. Some dude named Jack white mistake ten three pointers. I think he missed like thirty straight at one point coach K's exactly recruiting the same old same old when it comes to do. Can you imagine watching this tournament without Ziya Williamson, and John Mirant not as much fun because you can say all you want. So you're blue in the face you rooting for upsets how much are the upset Cinderella. The slippers still fits. Yeah. And then what happens in week two you're kind of bored by the tournament, you're kind of bored by the blowouts. It's not exactly the tournament that you wanted. We all root for the upsets, but you still need some of the big programs to be there. You still need some big players to be there. I don't wanna have to watch the NIT to see John Moran who could go number two overall in the NBA draft. What's the point of that? Can we do a redraft like once team's make the tournament allow some of the best players to get drafted by maybe some of the lower seeds like how great would it be? If a sixteen seed gets to take John Mirant, I'm all for it. You already heard me say, I'm all for robot arm. So why wouldn't I be for the ridiculousness of that? So here's the real question because we know NCWA basketball loves a good scandal. Should we demand? The Duke blue devils before should we demand some honesty for them about the future of Zion. Williamson should the selection committee be able to call coach K and say, hey, tell us right now if he's gonna player if he is because if you're holding them out of these games, and he's really been shut down for the season. All because you want us to still give you like a number one seed because we have to look at you with Zion and without them. And if you're gonna have Zion we have to make adjustments. We know that goes back to the beginning of all of this. I mean, go back to Kenyon Martin and his injury Cincinnati. They were the best team that year far and away Huggins best team. And what were they going to do? It wasn't gonna play. So they docked them. Well zion. Williamson is not going to be there in the knows that they're gonna dock the blue devils. But if coach K is playing this whole song and dance that well, you know, we're just hold them out day today. Well, it's been five games. He's been day today. It's been three weeks. He's been day to day. And now, it's Duke UNC. We thought he was going to play as of yesterday. Now today, he's a scratch. Are they playing a little loose with the facts here? Are they gaming the system? I know there's a lot of do caters out there that will not like this. I want to hear from you eight five five two one two four CBS. That's eight five five two one two four two two seven. We're continuing the discussion earlier of all sorts of potential rule changes major league baseball. And in the Atlantic league. They are talking about a robot umpire, I am all for it. We have the technology. Let's go somebody does not agree. We go to Kyle who's listening in in Myrtle Beach on ninety two point three over there. Kyle next up here on CBS sports radio. How are you? Good. Banker. Dear voice could hear some Cleveland voices in Myrtle Beach air. But so so you don't get enough of us coming down there in January and February and March I Wilson it up, but I'm a I'm a former Cleveland boy just moving down here. Anyway. So no, I totally agree with the computer empire. Like, that'd be great. But as far as like the shift and saying, you know, making changes for the for anything else. It's just you know, moving the mound back like I love watching the canes. Go up on the floor and every time, you know, Buber strike somebody out and home runs. Great. But I'm more fundamental guy. I'm not looking for. Money to go and everyone's pocket here. I just want to see some good fundamental baseball and see somebody amazing. Curveball gets bizarre. Kyle look, I'm not one that says baseball has to change everything. I'd like to shorten the season. I really I'd like to go back to a time where there was actually an incentive to steal bases. Maybe that's where we want to tweak the system right now. I mean, it's either a home run or strike out. I think they could tweak that a little bit. But I do not want to ban the shift. I don't get that discussion at all. I agree. And also the whole clock clock for the pitcher and everything like that. I really don't think it's going to shave time off the game. And I mean, just the the changes seem ridiculous. I just leave a good a good sport the way it is. I baseball over any other sports. Just. I kyle. We appreciate the phone call from Myrtle Beach. Look, I understand every sport has its gatekeepers. They have their diehards baseball just about more than any else any of the other sports. So I get it. You are clinging to what you knew what you grew up doing baseball was my first love collected. Baseball cards started doing at the age of like four. I still have old score books. Yeah. That's the thing. Millennials you ever heard of a scorebook ever actually sat there with a pencil and had to ask somebody about how that was going to be scored. And if we're going to give them a fielder's choice..

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