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Things like normal. And then we go out and it comes back. It is a daily thing. We can't ever go back. Uelmen says she's still suffers from a fear of going outside on Monday, Las Vegas plans to commemorate the victims. With a sunrise remembrance ceremony later, blaze on the Vegas. Strip will go dark today cruiser cleaning up a homeless camp where dogs had attacked two people in the last five days. Their latest attack was just Wednesday and soda near Kwami and sixth avenue. Witnesses say a dog bit a man working on the truck right by one of the many RV's parked in the area. The dog's owner was ticketed, and because of the new attack the city says it sped up plans to clear out the camp homeless camp. And. Aberdeen is closing slowly the city bought the property recently and put up a gate with no pressing signs. The camp has been there for at least a decade, but the city recently bought the property saying it's too dangerous wants everyone out, but the mayor is allowing those who are actively seeking help to stay until they can get on their feet like Christina Gilchrist, and Johnny 'gelato who spoke with komo's Keith Eldridge. Has you're doing some kind of services to show that you're bettering your your situation because they're going to be a time when you're going to be able to to move out. Oh, yeah. I'm sure. For those who aren't seeking help and still stay the city says they will get trespassing tickets. Komo news time to ten time for sports here on KOMO Tom Glasgow has the huskies and more. Well, the huskies expect a tough test tomorrow with number twenty BYU in town. The huskies rated eleven pre game coverage right here on KOMO news. Starting at twelve thirty kickoff said for five thirty with Tony castricone Damon Huard analyst Woodward the sidelines. Ben Burtt and outstanding U dub linebacker on dealing with BYU's motion. Offense is pretty locked in. Because you know, they got a whole lot of stuff going on there, flip and tackle tight ends. They they rotate through almost five or six their entire again in thirteen twenty three personnel sorts of stuff. So they definitely have a have a pretty unique offense. But I got lucky I ran that in high school. So I've seen that for a long time. So hopefully that can help me a little bit. When we get out there on Saturday to think about for young man who the past two weeks has been named the Pac twelve defensive player of the week Cougars home tomorrow for three o'clock kick-off with Utah. The mariner. Rangers continue their final series of the season tonight at Safeco field with game two of four seven ten the first pitch. Lefty Wade LeBlanc getting his final. Start of the season. Ryder Cup play in France on day. One. The US jumped out to an early lead Europe rallied and holds a five three lead after day. One more sports in thirty minutes right here on your home of the huskies, KOMO news. I'm Tom Glasgow.

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