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There's also speculation deter taste. Daughter may run as well. The united nations saying over fifty one hundred refugees have now been detained in western libya as part of a sweeping crackdown. The detained include over two hundred children. This comes as u n investigators accuse multiple sides in the libyan conflict of committing possible war crimes including torture enslavement. An extra judicial killings many the crimes targeted refugees who were trying to flee to europe in sports news. Us soccer has hired former acting attorney. General sally yates to investigate abusive behavior and sexual misconduct in the national women's soccer league last week. North carolina courage coach paul. Riley was fired after he was accused of coercing a player into having sex with him. The coach of the washington spirit was also fired last week over allegations of verbal and emotional abuse on friday. The commissioner of the national women's soccer league resigned and the league cancelled all of its weekend games some of the nation's largest pharmacy chains including cvs. Walgreens and walmart are on trial in cleveland. Ohio for recklessly. Selling painkillers fueling the deadly opioid epidemic. The pharmacies were sued in two thousand eighteen by two counties in ohio. If convicted the pharmacies could be on the hook to pay billions of dollars to help end the epidemic. The trial began on monday. And congress members corey bush and emanuel cleaver are calling on missouri's republican governor to halt today's scheduled execution of ernest lee johnson and intellectually disabled black man in two thousand eight johnson. Lost about twenty percent of his brain during a surgery to remove a tumor in their letter..

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