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Thanks for tuning into the down dirty radio show available live online in syndication on networks across the us and available internationally on the american forces network wrap things up here on the down and dirty radio show powered by police razor jimmy ramey hood just chris forsberg on the line your formula drift i guess multimm champ i guess winningest podium you wouldn't say winning driver pulley podium again no no he said he's got the most podiums is there podium podium driver i dunno whatever winningest putting we're creating words here but anyway he's a bad ass let's just put it this way he is a bad ass narrate for sure and that very cool have you one on our show like i got what is the word now now you got meals in buffalo bills poems most podiums i think yeah well let's pick up a new word most forty missed too see now we're going down that rabbit hole there's no coming back once do we have to create this word so anyways fun having forsberg on the line we had our good friend justin matinee we had a couple of couple of solid guest today aiming i caught up on all kinds of things so i don't know we got some fun stuff come in the next couple of weeks here like i said i will be out at the indy grand prix here about a week and a half but check out danika patrick she's going to be running i flip over to indycar check out their livestream see what's happening with her after this but i don't know you got anything coming up this week amy.

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