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And son spring AC tuna for only $49 Traffic and weather on the 8s Rita Kessler in the WTO traffic center In Virginia on southbound 95 seeing a delay from newington into lorton there may be a work zone there then the volume out of Dale City headed toward the truck scales before two 34 in dumfries that is a mobile work crew in the left lane Then your solid from dumb reason to Quantico that's the crash on the right side Northbound 95 is heavy after route one in spottsylvania headed past 17 but before the center port Parkway that is work in the left lane You'll also find northbound a little bit of volume passing the Prince William Parkway due to an earlier wreck that it looks good into Springfield outer loop a little heavy getting into Springfield So watch out for anything there Now on the interleukin Maryland delays headed toward university boulevard This was a street sweeping crew on the right side Outer loop near river road there was metal debris crowding the left lane and south bat on the Baltimore Washington Parkway the delay is from powder mill road headed into green belt this was a mobile work crew that was taking the left side They were doing some mowing in the area One 24 between Watkins wrote in rocky road has been reopened the police activity has been cleared In the district southbound D.C. two 95 slows from benning road headed all the way toward Pennsylvania avenue north met a little heavy passing Pennsylvania avenue as well Watch Freddy crash activity in the southbound direction Visit fit small dot com to find a safe used car Fitzgerald has hundreds of cars trucks and SUVs next to a new car a fits way used car is best visit fit small dot com today I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic One of the look at our forecast here's storm team fours Mike stifford We're going to deal with a good deal Cloud cover and some sunshine this afternoon It's going to be cooler our highs only the upper 60s.

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