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Just a cultural thing where we've been rates but with this revolution. A few weeks ago women stood up to the front lines and women have been standing up in this this revolution women have been on the front lines on. They've been showing men have been proving all these misogynistic men that they have the power they have like. They can do what these men are doing. and so they started going out on the protests that went out on the streets tied their sarongs to sticks and wave them. Slacks proudly up in the air They started tying the their loan. Jeez and their undergarments on the street. Polls because it's also a belief that Men are about to walk under underneath these skirts women's clothing items and stuff like that so these soldiers were actually hesitant to cross these lines because they were women's undergarments that were blocking away so they had to spend time taking them down which protesters time to run away from them. Hide from them So i'm just I just so happy with people's creativity. he's back home in the way with sweet protests. And how we do it so seamlessly peacefully an aaron about that issue of the a peaceful protests have long been a ethnic groups in different parts of the country that have resisted the the control of the central government and back into british colonial period the british actually pitted different ethnic groups within burma against each other. I'm wondering how use your sense. The the potential for these the armed groups of the the ethnic minorities to unite with the broader peaceful movement that has developed in the cities against the dictatorships correct Growing up We were all taught a we were all like the news media portrayed these ethnic on military groups as rebel groups right so until honestly up until the of the coup I also believe that to be true. I just thought that They had these rebel military groups Little did we know now that we're there speaking up about it on the now on there. Now we find out that this military like ethnic cleansing has been going on for way too long and the people of burma were unaware of it in the major cities but All they were trying to do is to protect their own people from the military And now all the So-called rebel groups but they are no longer rebel groups. They are fighting for us. They're fighting for the people of mir mar They have been joining together to form our military to serve under the crp. H which is the committee representing with. Look which is the democratic government. group that we the people of miramar elected in twenty twenty elections That happened over finally. Are you afraid for your family back in burma berry like i would. I would like to think that they'd be safe inside their own homes up until recently but just seeing videos and news of them just barging into people's houses with no respect for human life. It's just honestly like you'd never know what they will do. they're targeting any activists Any anyone honestly late who who would go into a house to murder seven year old child you know. Well i wanna thank you for being with us and for your bravery and speaking out burmese student. Who's come to the. Us for college is a senior. At the new york institute of technology we will link to your pieces in the manhattan globe among them misogyny silenced. Feminism amplified next up. Today is international trans day. Visibility will look at the wave of anti trans.

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