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Hello, welcome to stories podcast on your host. Amanda weldon. Today's episode is called which wizard winter an adaptation of a Bulgarian myth written for you by Daniel Hynes today. We'd like to say a special thank you to Sebastian and his mummy J Kira and her family from swamped British Columbia Shalin and Joel and their family, Mikey Anne will and Ben and their family from West Virginia. Tim wa and WADA and their family Jackson and Henry and their family in Vermont. Julia Marie and her family Camilla, Jack, and Linus wolf and their family, and Lila and her family. Thank you so much, Lila Linus, Jack Camilla. Julia Marie Henry Jackson Wata. Tim wa then will Anne Mikey Joel Shalin Kira and Sebastian you are part of what makes it possible for us to continue to produce fun new stories for our list. Dinners if you would like to support stories podcast, you can leave us a five star review on I tunes. 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From when I was growing up our sharing glasses of milk with my dad and dipping our favorite cookies into it. I remember that felt like a really special time that I got to have with him. Just the two of us and milk was an important part. Take some time to savor the moments that really matter with milk today. Learn more at milk life dot com. Thanks. Enjoy the episode. Which wizard winter? Once upon a time a little girl named Silva sat by her window and wished for snow. It was the depths of winter that dark time between Christmas and spring when the snow usually fell wet and heavy and perfect for snowmen and snowball fights and sledding usually fell is the important part there because so far wishes she might the little girl hadn't seen more than a faint flurry of flakes. Come on father frost. She whispered. According to legend father frost was an ancient wizard who lived on a nearby mountain. He had power over the storm clouds and the snow, and it was he who ushered in winter. And then a few months later when spring took over a shirt it out again, at least that's how it was supposed to work Silva's little village in the shadow of father frosts mountain. Was supposed to get plenty of snow piles of it, even it usually fell in fat wind-driven flakes and formed big fluffy white miniature mountains all over the village square. All the villagers would gather there and sled and wrestle and drink hot chocolate with big ghostly plumes of steam Silva liked hers with extra chocolate and marshmallows floating on top. Oh, she could almost taste. It could almost feel it warming up. Her little toes. Silva called grandpa Nikola from his chair by the fire. Come now. It's time for bed Silva side and padded off to brush her teeth and put on her pajamas. Maybe it would snow tomorrow. There was always a chance. She woke the next morning to her grandpa calling her from the kitchen Silva, come see. It's wonderful is it snow. She said whipping off her blanket and stumbling from her bedroom still wiping the sleep from her eyes with a tiny fist, you tell me Silva ran to the window and gasped. There was snow. Not just a little either. But mounds of it piles of it great heaping leaping mountains of it. Finally, she said, thanks father frost grandpa. Can I go out and play he smiled at her and held out her hat and gloves? She squealed into light hurriedly pulling on her snow clothes. She spent the day making snowmen in the village square and waging a snowball war with other kids and finally ended her day with a steaming mug of hot chocolate. The snow kept falling all day, the pristine White Mountains covering everything in

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