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Yeah, she's just sweetheart. She's super sweet. She looks out here in LA. Like, she looks good. Yeah, she's beautiful. Good for her. All right, well, we love Drake. Drake should come on the show. We're putting it out. Yeah, we should drink. Come on, miss mother. Seriously. All right, we have to take a break, but coming up one bachelorette goes off on her men, plus a reality star is in hot water after crashing a $30 million yacht? Only $30 million? Welcome back, you guys. All right, Rachel is having a mid bachelorette crisis. She's upset because the men aren't showing her attention so she decides to let them know that they need to step it. The up. Uh oh. At this point, I want to feel chosen. I'm not here to beg these guys to act like they want me. I think Gabby's guys get it. Oh, they don't feel like I deserve to be the best. That is a mess. I don't like this. As you guys can see I'm pretty upset. Oh. I think I went through a lot at the last rose ceremony, and it was really looking forward to the next time I saw you guys. You did accept my rose you did. Tell me you want to be. And I do want you all here. But you really made me feel hurt and unseen. I want you guys to want to be here for me, and I didn't feel it tonight. All I felt like I was trying so hard to just make eye contact with someone and no one was looking at me. No one came over. Any chance you get just to have a little moment could have met a lot at the end of the day, this is what we're here for, so I want to remind you guys because it did hurt my feelings. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I'm not laughing at her. I'm laughing at the men's reaction because trying to talk to men sometimes about your feelings can be the most exhausting. That one guy looked up like, where am I supposed to look? He had no clue. You all just look so confused. You think that's the most exhausting experience? Yeah. Try listening. No, no. But even I have to say you're right, because even when she was kept going, I was like, girl, oh no. Well, I think it's a weird situation of men often shut down when they're kind of being reprimanded or it's like an emotional conversation and they don't have the emotional intelligence. Who knows? Maybe they're normal guys. Maybe they're capable, but maybe their guys who went on the bachelorette. So, but I just don't, I think literally you kind of shut down and then when nobody else is saying anything or doing anything, you don't want to be the one guy to step up. I don't want to pay myself as a hero. You would have. In that situation, I would have immediately got up and I would have gone to the other girl. You do. You are so excited. And you know what he's ridiculous, but he's full of because you know his ass would have been after him and helped her. Except one of the guys should have been like, hey, wait, stop her. Just a note to all men. If a woman is emotional and she walks off, go after go after the girl. Duh. Duh. You're like, do you have any brain cells? Go after her. It's like when a woman storms out of bed and a lot of guys just go. Okay. If you are fragile and your self esteem, this is not the place for you. This is not the journey for you, sis. I will say it is probably very difficult. The fact that she went on with her girlfriend and that the girlfriend is having a completely different experience. Like, that weighs on anybody. Like, I actually feel bad for her. I just don't like the TV is doing this to women in general. She's a beautiful girl. She is. But this is not where she's gonna find what she needs. So. Yeah, I like her. Okay. I'll go after you, baby. Let's just move on, all right? Because Taylor Armstrong just made Real Housewives history. She has become the first housewife to move franchises and officially joining The Real Housewives of Orange County. I am shocked. Are we surprised? What do you want to see from her storyline? Nina, don't answer right away. Sure. Give hunter a second to get on this. Taylor Armstrong. You. You. You. Yeah, that's what she said. I just don't love, I feels like Beverly Hills to Orange County is a little bit of a downgrade. So the rumor is. In two years, she's going to be the first member of The Real Housewives of the inland empire. That's what the rumor is right now. I'm happy for Taylor. I think this is kind of, this is a big deal for her. She's getting another shot. Yeah. They never really have that. I thought the first person to skip to go over was going to be Cynthia Bailey. Because she moved to LA. So I thought she was going to become Beverly Hills. Housewife on Beverly Hills. So I'm shocked that it's Taylor. I think she'll actually fit in really well with OC people. You could take that for what it is. Yes. All right. We're going to skate on by now because we have to talk about our favorite show ever. 90 day fiance UK, Victoria asks her friend to dinner to get her thoughts about the guy she met online. She wants her honest opinion, but there could be, guess what? Red flag. Red flags. So I met someone online. Okay? His name is Sean. He is Japanese. Okay. He is actually coming here in a couple of days. Exciting. We are going to live together. How well do you know this person? Not that much. I've been learning quite a lot over the last couple of months. He did tell me that he was only a little bit older than me. So he lied about his age. He didn't lie. He didn't lie. He just wasn't specific. No. He said he was a little bit older. So what does he do for a living? I'm not completely sad. No. He never seemed to be working when I was talking to him. Okay, interesting. He does have a lot of credit cards. Okay. I did find out one extra thing, a little while ago. What was the skeleton? He used to be married. Okay. And I know his ex-wife is from another country. Do you see yourself getting married to this guy? He does move quite quick for me. Her reaction was terrifying. Oh, baby. Yeah. I just want to caress her and just tell her. The friendship, get involved. No, baby. What? Her friend has given her the wrong reactions. Because first of all, I'm the friend, like, if you see me and my Friends at lunch, it's a lot of movement. It's a lot of, I would have been like, bitch, are you crazy? You gotta say it lovingly, but like, absolutely not. Clearly this girl's been through quite a lot and her friend is trying to be somewhat supportive because she knows that she wants this reality, but she's looking at her like you're nuts. And needs to get into it a little bit. Sometimes just saying it out loud. Like, you know, it's a mess. And when you say it to somebody else, you should figure it out when the air, when the words hit the air, like you don't even need my reaction. You know you sound silly. Yeah, she didn't, she didn't seem to pick up on it though. I think she's committed to this guy. 98, 90 days. That's that's all it takes. That's all you're married. He's moving fast. This is the time to swindler. Literally, from Japan, lots of credit cards has been married a little bit older. Like no job. Do you think that he in Japan right now talking to his friends is like, you know what I found out? I think she cuts her own bangs. All

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