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Northern Kentucky international airport. The DHL jet was struck by lightning and the pilot radioed ahead to come in safely landed. Nobody was hurt Kellogg avenues open once again in the east end after a fire at Cohen recycling. Plays broke out early this morning in an area where the old appliances and other metal scrap. We would have been something that it started overnight. When we weren't even there, the security cameras and fire department picked it up quickly and responded within a couple of hours. It was put up that's Adam to mess with Colin conference committee starts work this week trying to hammer out a new transportation Bill for Ohio big sticking point. How much gas tax is going to go up governors pushing for an eighteen percent increase, but the house passed ten cents in the Senate cut it down to six Mike dewine says both of the plans in the house and Senate are inadequate. He'll be Bill Cunningham guest talk about it. Coming up twelve six. Could this be the end of Greek life on the campus of Miami university, the schools known as the mother of all fraternities, but the university of president says now the latest case of hazing is brought to campus to what he calls the tipping point an incident at delta dental couple of weeks ago, he calls brutal and deplorable and a letter of the community. Great Crawford writes that he has ordered a review of Greek life in light of the incident and said nothing is off limits. Frats been suspended w CPO says the hazing involved mental and physical. Use pledges were locked in a room for hours forced to drink large amounts of beer and smoke marijuana and paddled with spike paddles one of the teams involved ended up in the hospital with a blood alcohol level of point two three NCAA says there's somebody somewhere today America with a perfect bracket sheep never before. Has anyone made it to the Sweet Sixteen winning the first thirty nine games with the college basketball tournament don't know who the person is? But they go by the online handle of center road. The odds that they make at the west of the rest of the way through the tournament without losing a game or one in nine Quin. Nobody hit the Powerball jackpot over the weekend..

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