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You were in the courtroom for this trial. Have we learned anything more about why the jury couldn't reach a decision? No. We have it, you know, I it comes down and a lot of ways to the same issues that perpetuated a humanitarian aid work, and people dying in Arizona's desert for going on twenty years. You know, people have sympathy and see a real need for alternative ways, and methodologies for people to have their lives saved out there or they believe that it's the job of the US border patrol to pick that up. Yeah. Well, we mentioned that Warren had been accused of. Harboring people who had crossed the border illegally. Now they were at a place called the barn. Maybe you could explain that in just, you know, tell us how the prosecution tried to prove that Warren had broken the law. So about thirty five miles north of the air is on porter. There's a shelter refurbished old house called the barn that was sort of used as a migrant aid station in a waystation by the group, no more deaths. Scott Warren, was there when these two undocumented immigrants happen to show up he'd said he, he did not expect them to be there. But when they were he saw innocent, medical assistance, and, and he started trying to provide that over the phone from, from doctors, and nurses at work with no more deaths. Two days later, the border patrol was surveilling this property. They said because they had seen signs of undocumented immigrant activity in the area, and they saw warrant outside with two men pointing to mountain ranges, this was the crux of the. Argument during closing arguments. They actually tried to use the fact his geography professor to show that he had a special knowledge to be able to direct people in guide them between his two mountain ranges, in other words to guide them away from agents, who who'd be looking exactly. Yes, they said to get them around a border patrol checkpoint..

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