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But the reds in may of jay cutler makes him a punchline and a laughing stock of a pariah the resume if i were to simply tell you that the following is true of colin kaepernick not jay cutler the all of the following his true of colin kaepernick these are the things that you would be saying about why capper nic dozen have a job that keeps him blackballed you'd be saying one playoff went in his career that's cutler not capper nic you'd be saying everybody wonders how much he actually cares about the sport that's cutler that's not capper nick coming off of seoul shoulder surgery that's cutler not capper nick but you're not sure how anyone feels about him as a teammate as someone who cares if jay cutler if colin kaepernick had jay cutler is resume we would be rushing him at every turn saying it was about everything except what this is actually about but but you give some benefit of doubt to adam gays and the fact that he knows cutler better than most people uh you know dolphin fans think very highly of gays so they're going to give him benefit of doubt if he thinks that cutler's better than his public persona uh than you you sort of trust him to be right as they would know yep and to your point jay cutler was out of football and nobody was talking about him being blackballed he was retired and in we honoured at had career we understood we understood and this was literally the only spot in the nfl were made any sort of sense while the jets were interested in cutler he wasn't interested in the jets door the were interested in color before he went to fox but as a symbol four greg cody of the miami herald and journalism in newspapers in general.

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