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The more traditional just strolling through the video squares showing off your costume looking at other people's costumes and then there's the bunny hop room will have DJ Vito fun playing dance music for the first hour afterwards people will be interviewed live about their bonnets and costumes in the zoom party Steve cast about for ten ten wins and if you like your Easter Sunday with a side of pose as in celebrity Joel Osteen megachurch hosting Mariah Carey and filmmaker Tyler Perry at tonight's service also showing support in honoring first responders wins news time six forty five so where are we with city schools will they stay closed will be reopened and honestly it depends on who you ask just two hours after mayor Blasio said schools would remain closed through June governor Cuomo said all hold on no no they're not in the mayor's position which is you want to close until June and we may do that but we're going to do in a coordinated sense with the other localities it makes no sense for one locality to take an action that's not coordinated with the others mayor firing back last night appearing on MSNBC politics nation with al Sharpton I have to do what I think is right to stop the corona virus from holding this city and its grip to fight it back and make sure that we get out of this horrible moment in our city history and move forward and the only way to do that is by being vigilant and smart and not taking our foot off the gas so where do the kids stay and right now what can parents planned to do at this point seems like a certain way games on the mayor the governor get on the same page governor says he wants to check with the best minds before making a decision on when to reopen things not just schools businesses as well governor Cuomo saying he fears what he calls a second wave of infections if things were re opened too early he said decisions about re opening would be dependent upon testing for both diagnosis and also for antibodies that would show immunity The New York Times says in a report out this morning the highlights what the paper calls the trump administration's missteps in handling the response to covert nineteen the report says the president ignored the warnings of his advisers back on February twenty first it took the president more than three weeks after that to actually announce the social distancing measures despite the fact that there was there's growing consensus inside his administration among these health experts that they needed to move to this mitigation strategy correspondent Jeremy diamond there the United States now leading the world in fatalities more than twenty thousand deaths here in New York state death total eight thousand six hundred twenty seven sixty three hundred of them here in the city.

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