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Hair transplant technology can grow your hair back 8 38 Traffic and weather on the H and when it breaks and we're checking again with Carlos Ramirez in the traffic center And are tracking a relatively quiet road so far it's definitely the very far end of the rush hour delays here It looks like on the route one northbound you still dealing with that accident seen blocking the left side of the roadway This is going to be just north of two 34 on the approach towards river ridge boulevard Most of that crash activity on the left side of the roadway a single lane gets you by on the far right It looks like it's mostly crashed investigation at this point so it should be causing too much trouble here North bound 95 looks great from Fredericksburg all the way up to Springfield interchange Of course you got your long-standing work zone in the Fredericksburg area where your local lanes get down to in single file lane Hearing about a disabled vehicle on the westbound side of 66 just past route 50 looks like it was quickly moved over to the shoulder though so no delays there in about three 95 looks good across the 14th street bridge inbound side of the third street tunnel looking way better now Not a single bit of a delay as you make way up towards New York avenue In Marilyn between the beltways 95 BW Parkway look good and head across the bay bridge on the westbound span looks like the far left lane is still blocked For the work zone just be aware of that You got two lanes available to you headed westbound 97 is quiet from 50 all the way up through Glenn Bernie and IT 70s quiet as well from the beltway headed over towards the Frederick area If you're headed out to Ortega's town I 70 looks good as well No issues headed through mount area in down towards Baltimore either Back down in Virginia on 28 looks good headed up towards the dulles toll road no issues on the toll road itself slight volume delay had passed root 7 One 86 6 three O four WTO is the traffic tip line on Carlos Ramirez WTP traffic Storm team four four day forecast with Matt ridder Mostly cloudy this evening and tonight near D.C. and points to the north partly cloudy everywhere else.

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