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Thanks for being here. Let's carry GonNa be her so you've been practicing medicine for about about fifteen years. What got you interested in medicine in the first place so I come from a medical family and my parents positions and almost half? I say half of my family are in the medical field They're pretty much all. We joke that we could probably make our own. HMO PPO it was just kind of like growing family it it was more like this is pretty much what it was kind of expected but at the same time it was something I did find interest in helping people and also science ensue also education just kind of being teacher on the oldest brother and so that came naturally to me kind of guiding and teaching the younger generation. That's kind of on my passions too. I I love that and I had found on twitter because I saw you had posted a video with your son using voice technology and I wanted to share your story A. and your son has a why can you tell us about what that is and what his struggles are and how voice is helping him live a better life. Yeah exactly so for those. That don't know Hawaii are genesis and Perfecta is it's basically it's commonly referred to as brittle bone disease which causes have bones to fracture with minimal all to no trauma but it's really more of a structural kind of connective. Tissue problems really affects multiple areas of his health. So one of the things that ah very passionate about is educating the general medical public about his condition so rare even the medical community doesn't even I didn't see much of diagnosed with it and one of the things that we found that was very helpful as certain monitoring technology especially things like boys technology so one of the things that it does help is is for example with it can affect physical tippy falls or pressures we have like a lot of like we speakers Smarter Sin Speakers in the home so if he falls being it's help you can kind kind of communicate through that way another way like to kind of turn on rooms like light sir appliance like things that are turn off the lights or just kind of help because he has uh-huh shorter stature but this kind of helps her those kind of had to be adopted those kinds of situations and I know you personally. You're co-founder have also created to voice. We skills can you tell us about them in where the idea came from and what they're about one of the things that I also do as a family doctors. I teach medical students. The University of Cincinnati in University Kentucky Person Secure Medical Soon so and one of my co founders also teaches medical students while hand one of the things that were. We're very passionate medical education and this came about from actually kind of hanging out with my son one day he was actually doing a skill on Alexa where he was just asking. State capitals battles. I got the idea of Lexicon Athletes State capitals. I wonder if you could do that. For more complex new learning material like medical board questions and medical exam damn questions so we got looking into that and we ask that question we started kind of looking for some developers a couple of years ago bound developer team out in California which actually turned out being from the same hometown as my co founder and Secretary Brown and wake up Eventually long story short of last year near and a half we created the first goal was met Westcote so basically medical test exam questioning or medical Ford questions medical exams and we're also in the process of creating like dental exams exams rushing banks and a third one is also an underproduction while and so do you have people using this. What has been their feedback? Has It helped them pass the exam. What's Kinda been the feedback in the success? So far right so it's really early. We haven't really start like we just kinda released April. We are just kind of doing the final kind of quality. Ali checks this week actually and now the board exam prep season is going to be start going into high gear over the next three or four months. This is why we're going to start really kind of marketing at more and Kind of promoting medical schools. But we've shown it's a medical students and so we've had good positive response to it so far so it's still very early in the process but this is kind of. We're relying the foundation over the next couple years. Did you find that this also came from the Axa medical students were meeting this that they needed someone to ask them questions. Send that and help them. Maybe comprehend certain things better. Yeah this is more from the medical students biggest problems that we're solving with medical suances. They have they have no time under a lot of stress and they're also have like a lot of financial. Couple is one of the things that we want to do. It was were marking is like the supplement during downtime to save them time like so. It's not a primary learnings where it's more supplemental thing like in the car or taking the dog for a walk or kind of doing the laundry or preparing dinner so it's Kinda like get those couple of extra questions and the other thing is also it's using the voice. Instead of like a lot of times students day they get like is there in front of screens screens all day. So this kind of let's do other things and not gonna like one of my co-founder said one of the big things for him. When News Time per boards was his eyes got really tired strains certain kinds of rest there is this allows them to connor? Restaurant do other things than study at the same time. So it's it's kind of that. Marketing has basically to do it during down sometime to save some time crushes learning on the golf basically. Now where did you first learn about voice because now you're building skills and you do a huge deal for your son to be using everyday but where did you kind of I hear about this. So it's kind of interesting. It was a couple years ago. We just had a couple of these speakers and then it was these assistance and it was one of those things that we had started about. Let's say about three years ago. We had started up podcast actually about all the a happy doctor bow like basically Mike understood about he was becoming like a burnt out. Medical student was basically about like burnout physician. Kind of burn down preventing burn out the medical space. So he's doing that. Hod Casper last couple years. We kind of figured out. One of our tagline was it's the voice of billed as physicians chance and then we kind of learn about through. We got introduced to like. How do we expand our reach? In one of the things was boy skills from like we're learned about it through Garaventa talk and he was a big influence on the space so learn about voice skills and that's kind of that intersection of education podcasting and these voice voice kind of skills Bid just like the next step the evolution of where we wanted to educate the medical public and how to be healthier to be more educated as well as kind of taking on a lot of what's going on in the healthcare space right now and from you know your personal life to professional life. How has voiced impacted you and and those around you and how do you think it's going to help others in the future for me? It's been a great lakes creative project. One of the things that allow me to introduce your near podcast. Another podcast like in the voice face also like to see what's possible for healthcare because just personally and to win the Lens a little bit. I got burnt out a couple of years ago with chronic on a health records but with voice and seeing the implications of what this means for voice technology and like the health records and how it's when impact healthcare and how healthcare delivered and receive. That was really exciting for me. Kind of gave me a lot of motivation to get involved in this space. So that's been really exciting for me. Because I wanted to be involved at the earliest levels with educating the next generation of physicians and that's kind of been very rewarding to build these new things and be part of that as far as personal. Well I think part of it's also just being kind of things like just shaving some time or are reminders. You know reminding schedules kind of more practical things. I would say pretty much. Yeah and do you see yourself creating any skills that would benefit people like your son or you like to focus more on the medical community and the potential doctors coming up so yeah. I think that's long-term. Yeah I could see that. That is one of the long term because you know. I've been the things that I've done with him. Like using technology to help with this kind of rare condition so I can see definitely being long-term on developing those type of things I think right now. The focus is more on education and doctors in the education space. But I think that's a long term goal. Yeah definitely now. People want to learn more about bounce anything we spoke about or connect with you. Where can they do that? Yes so they can just search where on twitter duct Dr and E. The L.. One Thousand Nine hundred ninety three at Dr Neil negative seventy three or Lincoln social media. Also the happy doc cast as well as med flash go those are our channels. So those you'll see us all longer perfect and the last question we like to ask on this show to help promote boys. General is what is the current flash briefing or voice voice skill or experience that you're using enjoying right now too. I gotTA give props to my colleague Dr Terry Fisher. So he's everyone. Premium knows knows wis community lexin in Canada. The He's always kept me updated on things and that's when I was like snow it keeps me informed. Wonderful will thank you so much for sharing your story. Sorry and I love that you know your creation of voicemails as coming out of a need personally and professionally and hearing how. It's helping you in your home life with your son and these medical students just shows the importance of what voice can do. So thank you so much Neil sperry really appreciate your pockets. Thank you for listening to the the inside voice podcast. We greatly appreciate you being a part of our community. And if you enjoyed this episode or you like the Podcast we would love it if you would subscribe follow like like share. Leave a review of the show. If you have any questions comments feedback people you want to see on the show things you WANNA learn. Feel free to send us an email at Kerry ATM. MOTIVE DOT COM. That's K. E. R. I at M. O. D. E. DOT COM and be sure to check us out online at voice summit dot AI. Thank thank you and we look forward to chatting with you next week..

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