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Just we just said, there's no way they're going to win this game. So. I was very exciting. You mentioned ironic that can all out of what we did last night. Yeah. I out David's. Eight is supposedly student will sorrow him many up name. I told my in disguise raving second base. I was hoping the answer is not that bad. But if you put him at second, he keeps hitting he plays a real good second base. And he's in the middle of everything, waiting to connote. We can't play any place else. I'm covered so. JD davis. Happen where the right field night. Yeah. You know. But I'm not sure that anyone short of would've that touch. Anyway, on mcnew blocked for being triple. Right. So short he was competent. Fewer web sale with the practicing. I what macneil writing Dom Swinton at the. Yeah. Why not? I mean I wanna get. I mean, it's funny, you may get you may get a, a lineup with guys playing all kinds of different positions. But maybe clicks, maybe just clicks waiting overcomes. Yes, you know, the, the four Covington individual feeling from from tonight. No, not not today. Laugh. Raw shallot weight. But listen we were at the game. My brother is in Washington. So I gave me a heads up on awesomeness situation power while under the gun. Okay. I'm tonight might have been the last straw Reagan endure through. Oh. Save could be. It's it's fun talking about a DS doing four out. Save now wait a minute went adamant at the beginning of the year. He's only going to do inning. I mean, I don't have a problem with a guy getting a four out save or five out save or whatever, but it was like, no way. And now what changed mine all of a sudden? From india. Guy gun you'll and and, and. Good. Yeah. I keep using got to be over with shoulder straining on the along those actor yet. I think every time it comes into million should be six inning guy. You know this is as little dangerous possible. Just have them. You know, he's gonna pitch a couple of couple of batters because the leadoff batters picture in the next inning, something like that. That lefty specialist anymore. Either he might be another lefty out could be. So this is all you went with my younger brother whenever president Bach in the last night. Came by and put his hotdog thing down all the dogs will at the. They were. For coming, right? Past go to rob Robin Brooke rob you're on the fan. Doing gangsta will quick about the situation. Is dangerous. Course they'll make people into the same thing. Yeah. A few years ago when baseball stop televising people running on the field came big problem. But it's you see that, but the real quick. Stay coming back. No. I, I should be like, I think we need to keep Frazier nail biting little bit defensively in. But, you know, deinking built they have to win by not going to be pitching sees of a five right? Tanaka you make a good nocco. You make batch. You know they make a big train. No, no, no midseason if the real frontline, because he's good. But I just don't kick up to second hand. That's the they worried about is, is innings. That's the thing about baseball gets me. You know you guys doing well and all of a sudden you go his innings and I'm like, well, then we'll wait a minute. You plan to go to the World Series that means you're going to need, and what happens they start MRs starts during the season. He messes up his so dangerous say, but everything's pitch count. Now nowadays. Goes back in days, a guy based nine yeah. And you know what the minds of the pitches, they were, you know, they would them themselves couldn't go. Hey, ended job. The bench. Some of seats. What was staying coming back? I mean every comes back now. Exactly right. I mean, you know, naked Castell date need him back famous on to hit their way to championship. 'cause they just going to pitch in just personally CC will be a be a weapon if you get a frontline pitcher, and you him in middle relief. Plus what even like no, maybe because he could go all out and you get up and he won't have to worry about serving his pitches, Hanky has now. So that's just my Netanyahu is always keep in the neck. All right, man. Yeah, I don't know about him. I think he's, he's nineteen years in the big like always been probably nine nine point nine percent starter. I'm sure it was games late in before the also gave me came into something like that. But I think he just, you know what he is the five inning picture from one to five not from, you know, four to nine or something like that. You just put him you, you know, when he when he pitches to the bullpens going to be active that day. So you've been arrested part of the bullpen. You have enough guys back there. And, you know, came these doing good and Britain, and even the hail the other day, and in Batanes is coming back. So, you know, you, you don't have to piss everybody one day, but you got enough guys that you can you can see. He's pitching, you need about three or four guys just in case, eight seven seven thousand seven sixty six sixty six Khwaja calls at three twenty times between twenty Marco balletti..

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