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Holiday food drive for needy animals, which focuses on collecting animal food to bring the shelters humane. Societies that sort of thing too great. Effort food drives can be set up by individuals. If you like organizations like dry and wet cat dog food treats all towels blankets also directly donated to organizations today holiday food drive for needy animals. Remember the animals at Christmas time just the same. As those who are in need, the two legged animals, the four legged animals, there are just as many in need, frankly. And that's another thing in Peru. Nobody owns a dog, but their dogs everywhere. They're all over the place. We every night noontime whenever we were eating any food that we didn't eat. We would collect one of the fellas that was in the group would take the food and bring it out and give it to the dogs in the street is there are so many hundreds thousands tens of thousands of dogs are on the street. And so the the local feed them as well. But was really one of our interesting efforts we were very focused on that during. That trip down there. Speaking of focus. Let's focus on television. Jen, Jen, the I didn't watch any television last. You don't wanna do that? Actually last night. I went to see a revival. If that's what it is of Schindler's List twenty five years ago. I remember seeing it and it's now been re released because it's the twenty fifth year, man. I'll tell you something I didn't sleep well last night after I actually left the theater before it was over because I'd forgotten how greedy it was how when and gritty is what is that a euphemism for just horrible the things the Nazis did just recreates in my mind. And I don't use this word at all hatred, but the hatred that people have appropriately. And it follows on our discussion yesterday of the revival, and we visited this before skinheads and the Nazis that are growing have a growing presence in Europe. Again, the eastern bloc countries like Poland just the hatred for people who are different and the stuff that Jews went through my God. So something we think about what you have to be thankful for. How can you work that into the thinking about giving people the right to live their lives as they would? And will. That whole business visit about hatred and the Jews and how many how they killed him. God. Okay. On that. Unpleasant note as important to remember, it we sometimes forget stuff, and that kind of stuff can't be forgotten. I don't think. Anyway, Jan Jan what's tonight. Looking like. Well, tonight's is looking pretty good on the networks. You've got a brand new night on ABC. The Connors the kids are alright blackish blackish is actually celebrating Christmas tonight at nine o'clock sweating up together at nine thirty and the rookie at ten o'clock. This is gonna be a tough one because our buddy Nathan Fillion character is going to shoot somebody. So it's going to be his first time at ten PM on ABC. They say, it's an emotional issue. Episode CBS's new tonight NCIS new at eight o'clock. Their holiday plans are put on hold because of a big crime FBI is new at nine and NCIS. New Orleans is new at ten the CW is doing their else. World's crossovers there on a new nights night at eight o'clock, followed by black lightning at nine and on NBC, the voice and elimination round. It's getting down to the wire. That's. New tonight at eight followed by Christmas specials. You've got Darcy Lynn hometown Christmas with Kristin Chenoweth that's at nine o'clock and then Hollywood game night all focused on the holidays with anti stare at ten o'clock. That's a good show. I find of respect for that. Because there are real celebrities. Not maybe that's one of the reasons instead of their phony baloney celebrities.

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