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Wrong side of everything and castro and cuba they love hugo chavez they love all the wrong people there the reds make no mistake about it but he was making america great again wearing a make america great again hat a blue one and honestly i think the democrats should be wearing that everywhere they go because that's that is their campaign theme hillary with the deplorables and the hatred and everybody's a nazi and a racist and you know you're you're i promise you you're much closer on the political spectrum to the national socialist german workers party than i ever will be no doubt about it so they gotta make everybody angry make everybody so he's wearing this john wilkes booth shirt to make america hit again hat and i walked up to him and i had my phone in my hand which has cameron and it's a very fancy telephone as a camera right there in the phone and i said hey i like your shirt and he turned around to pose for me and i held up my camera michael i'm holding up my camera michael peercy now it's an iphone and it's got a black case on it one of these cases and and then i've got a sticker on it because they all look alike so i took a picture of his i took two pictures of his shirt and has make america great again hat and as john now isn't that ironic that he's calling the other people haters well he's wearing a john wilkes booth shirt in front of the white house once again no sense of irony these people it's how you will know them you'll know them by their inability to understand irony had irony surgically removed from their brain case which does not actually possess a brain in so many cases so here's the guy with the hating hates and everybody else hates but they don't there's the and the f word all over the place and abolish is and the antiamerican chance and the and i might you know so i'm taking my picture and on the back of my phone have a large national rifle association sticker which is red with the eagle gripping couple of rifles in large letters around it the national rifle association so i'm holding my phone up and photographing him and he says oh you you like john wilkes booth i said yeah he's my favorite actor and and i'm shooting pictures seven and he said i like your sticker and i said yeah thanks and i was done taking my pictures so i walked away now is that he was it wasn't really a beta male he was kind of a shirley or a delta mail more of a delta male i think he's afraid of his own shadow this guy but he's very angry he hates and he wants to kill and then he calls other people haters and nazis the usual stuff the left restaurant manager fired after refusing to serve customer wearing mega hat i digress on that didn't i fox news the manager of a popular restaurant in vancouver canada was fired after he told a customer to remove his make america great again cap or he would refuse to serve him like nazis with jews democrats with black people and jews and catholics and you know democrats darren hodge the former manager of the teahouse in stanley park beautiful park big park and and vancouver i've been there driving through the park have all kinds of native american stuff it's a fun park.

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