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Site of continuing protest Protest. Ng is a right guaranteed by the First Amendment to the U. S. Constitution. The city of Wauwatosa has always supported and protected peaceful protests. Nevertheless, the U. S Supreme Court has made it clear that the right is subject to limitation. Protest must be peaceful communities may impose time place and manner restrictions. So many protests in Wauwatosa been peaceful. Increasingly, some activities have violated Wauwatosa ordinances and state laws. When violations have occurred. The Wauwatosa Police Department has made arrests and issued citations. But it has not enforce city ordinances in full measure. From this point forward, however, to ensure that protests remain peaceful and within the bounds of the law. Ah Wauwatosa ordinances will be employed enforced, They'll all be enforced, including Discharging fireworks without a permit. Protest ng on private property like Joseph Menses, house picketing and private residences like Joseph Menses House trust, passing inside private businesses obstructing or blocking traffic like outside Joseph Menses house. Failure to disperse unlawful assembly. The stricter enforcement his letter goes on to say is intended to restore order and civility and our community. The city will continue to allow protesters to march on sidewalks or in streets of marchers do not obstruct car or pedestrian traffic for any other protests, however, organizer's will be required to obtain a special event permit. Permits will not be granted for protests on private property. Like it. Joseph Vance's house. Whether or not a permit is required. Protests will on ly be allowed between the hours of 12 p.m. and eight PM Failure to comply with these time, place and manner restrictions could result in arrest or the issuance of legal citations. And this also in the letter from the Tosa mayor Wauwatosa Common Council and I have heard the calls for change and we take them seriously. It's our golden, um, be a model for meaningful change. In recent weeks, the Common Council has banned the use of choke holds in Wauwatosa. Directed the Police Department to purchase body cams adopted. The Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce pledged to create a more diverse workforce and scheduled implicit bias training for city staff and elected officials. More change will come. Change is needed to bring about equity and overcome Milwaukee's legacy of racism. Peaceful protests can help bring about such change. Unlawful conduct will not That is the statement and letter from Wauwatosa Mayor Dennis McBride. Here's the deal. Those protests on Saturday, August 8th. They weren't peaceful. They weren't law abiding. They violated city ordinance they violated state law. Police decided to air on the side of de escalation. Rather than arrest and enforcement. And apparently, it's not gonna happen anymore. If you're a protester in Wauwatosa And you want to protest Joseph MENSA, the police department, the government or anything else there, you will be allowed to do so. On public property. Before eight o'clock at night. After that, not gonna happen. Private property like a Joseph Menses house or his girlfriend's house, where he was staying, not going to be allowed to happen. The mayor is saying there will be arrests. There will be fines. There will be prosecutions. I say good. If you want to protest peacefully, let's do it. If it's not peaceful, let's not do it shouldn't be tolerated and apparently in Tosa, it no longer will be tolerated. They will enforce city ordinances in full measure. They'll enforce the laws of the state of Wisconsin in full measure no more sitting by for the police Department and saying, Well, let's see what happens. Let's not make protesters mad. Let's let them break the law, let slipped and do whatever they want. No. Deescalation lack of enforcement done in Wauwatosa. You want to do it the right way. You're going to be allowed to do that. You want to do it the wrong way and think you could be reckless. Wild west. I'm to do whatever I want. Currently not gonna happen. Not gonna happen in Tosa, That's for sure, John. It'll be interesting. Interesting to see what the responses from the police department because we've been sharing poll numbers, saying they didn't feel like they have the support of the mayor. This is clearly a little bit of support here. Oh, for sure. I mean, the police department has been asking for this. I think this is what's gonna happen. We've reached out for the Tosa mayor, too. So we're hoping to have the Wauwatosa mayor join us. A dentist McBride sometime this afternoon Yet on W T. M. J..

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