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Don't have coffee to talk about. Yes. Because if you recall last week, was a prerecorded episode hope you enjoyed it. I couldn't tell you what we talked about. But while that episode was out, we were getting ready to go to Canada. More specifically Vancouver because I was writing and leaving juice. We were doing a lot of driving on Friday, but Friday was world when we have so much to talk about four we talk about literally encounters with large predatory animals and three. We stopped at Tim Horton's, we went to candidate we started to more on our way out. We've had you guys have sent us bags of it before. And I think in the York in the impedance station, but, like, but I'm sure that we were sent a bag when it was like the quote unquote, good roaster that now does Macapa and like to mourn to something different. Yeah. They changed being boys or something. I've never had it like from kids half, like Tim. And what does he heard? Yes. Yeah. I mean it was really good. It was just a classic black coffee, just what we got it or lack. And I'll say I while I was I was able to stomach like it was not a sick and I didn't have my reusable Cup. But I did appreciate the maple leaf on the Cup on the plastic lid. It was it was a good time. So I would recommend it was my review. It was not a city may believe decor. But we will get into our Canadian adventures as well as our Washingtonian adventures. Oh my God. I just remembered, I'm gonna bring now we got a lot to talk about. But, like actually have fucking coffee fact because I saw this forever ago, and I was like, I'm saving it to bring it up because it just wild according to some unknown health study, you know, there's always a health study. So this is a fake fact gone. It's not fake by mean it could be. He's says the confidence. The British cardiovascular society. They've been completely disputed as. Fake news. They said that drinking up to twenty five cups of coffee. A day is not bad for your heart. Okay. So I don't do that it will make you are put a lot of pressure on your veins. Okay. Well, just the number twenty five cups of coffee, who was like I need to know my upper limit of the amount of cups of coffee. I can drink before my heart will it's, it's like that craze, that beauty brands went into a couple years ago where they're like, this is seventy two hour where foundation. Mystere. For three weeks and it will not leave and you won't get a stuff that's just not what we need in our lives in my opinion. So I'm overwhelmed. I feel it. We're not even gonna have a chance to get two questions. We might answer like the patron questions because we have so much talk about originally. We were going to be doing a full episode on vacation, and then next week was going to be about e three just don't think we have enough. I mean, honestly, we get a whole episode dissecting every single element of animal crossing, which may be if we see we're running out of time. We're like runnin really long. Maybe we'll save big dissection of no, no. However, guess it has been seen. We finally have seen footage from animal crossing switch, which we will get into in great detail because I have not only watched the trailer several times, and the tree house, which showed gameplay, but also other people's breakdowns of the trailer and tree, read many articles and scoured the animal crossing supper. Truly read every single possible piece of information we this fucking game from the amount of footage that we've seen in the information provided we know as much as we possibly can't from, if you zoom in on CSI like zoom in enhance on this bottom corner. You can see there bug book kind of guess so I have lots to say about it. But before we do that. Let's talk about the trips. Yes..

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