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They go to the same three clips. Where he's like. i'm talking save one. Yeah over and over like we have to make them look like a bad guy. I'm sure he was a bad guy behind the scenes but it's it's really hard and she just moved to larchmont with a pool. I my sympathy levels like very low very low. I mean like she's living in a house. I'll probably in my lifetime. Never be able to afford even though she's paying rent. I still couldn't afford that rent. Just saying oh my god. Larchmont is beautiful houses beautiful. Yes she downsized not a bad thing. Yeah i don't really. I don't feel too bad. I mean that's the whole thing is the lack of remorse for me is really gross. And that's indefensible. Bottom line is there was money transferred her llc. And now we're seeing this. She basically said that this episode recently our career is over. So okay did. What's all that money doing in that account like what are you doing with it. But the bottom line is she on the show has shown off she bought a new range rover the house that we just talked about now. She's in this cossiga on vacation. I looked this up. Because i said this is ridiculous. She's there she's hosting an event she's showing it off like it's her own house so proud of it now. It's a cossiga the way it was viewed online. Anyway the rate was posted. Was it said. Eight hundred seventy one dollars per night.

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