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One you could see you could see the handwriting on the wall like it was red Rahman the overlook hotel when Mike Nugent the yes the field goal and Bella check was kind of done with them on the spot like blocked and the Mister anybody see if he was on the field towards the end of the game or did did Bella check just say you're out like because you know Dion and loves Bella Jack and I think vice versa Dion together he he he would cut people before they got back to the sideline I'm wondering if you did that with new gin I even said to you on Monday that he should look into real estate make sure the one to help Brady sell his house for the Zillow of smoke it's going on in New England well guess who got released by the New England Patriots yeah Mike Nugent guy yesterday and just to just to just to add fuel to the long standing fire that is the New York Jets New England Patriots rivalry in the number of guys to go back and forth valid check in Curtis Martin obviously tie you know scene tie laws one of those guys right derail Reavis I mean we could go on and on and on and on not to guess and the name to that list of Nick folk Nick folk everybody Nick Falk who are the jets had for many successful seasons I think Nick wasn't Nick the ground and pound era kicker was he the one let me check Fauria a victorious New York Jets team in Foxboro in the famous last got playoff game yep mother way and this is my point yeah two thousand ten and this is my point as to why the ghosts stuff will only go away if Donald wins a lumbar he trophy because we all talk about the **** fumble with mark Sanchez who is the winning quarterback in Foxboro that day Tom Brady no when they on the blood family no cool okay a playoff game mark Sanchez yes yeah mark Sanchez beat the patriots and eliminated them from the playoffs in twenty eight twenty one and their season was the quarterback of a team that ended the season and then when the pages you can count on one hand the number of playoff losses the patriots have suffered in Foxboro in the Brady Belichick era amazingly the quarterbacks I think our name Flacco and Sanchez right you said three touchdowns that yeah yeah all we talk about is the **** fumble and said she has beats Brady in tele check in Foxboro in January but now what we talk about which Sanchez and green that's what I'm telling you the only way to get rid of the ghosts in the mono and the toenail the only way to get rid of the bought fumble for sanctions would have been a win at all never did here's some information I think you'll also find interesting Chris we got I love telling you stuff that you might have already seen but did you have you soon but I would love to break this news to you okay as I got this email from the NFL network newsdesk all right I have used you know how there's a a game that the NFL Players Association has put together for players that are going from college to the pros that are not seniors you know senior bowl you're gonna do that but right under classmen if you will that don't have the ability to show off for scouts okay they're gonna go they're gonna go pro and they don't have the East West shrine ability and they don't have the senior bowl ability it's called the NFLPA collegiate bowl this is new yeah now we've done a lot of players okay I think the NFL network is in fact yeah we're we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna Eric so Mike you might want to scratch off the date January eighteenth twenty twenty that and by the way have you ever done a game at the Rose Bowl yes the women's worlds that when they won the Cy soccer okay it's called the World Cup I mean I do makes the game now I mix for Fox Sports net I don't want you to think by the way sorry fox big fox doesn't matter is like just doesn't matter to me if I matter to you it's on my letter to you it works for FS one to get called out by the way doesn't matter what you do because his baby father get called actually does matter what you do but it's not as big as big fox the fox all that business it's television Mike no I know you worked at the Rose Bowl yes I am okay this image at the Rose Bowl which as you know I have a very soft spot for amazing venue venue you've never seen again well I've been asked to call yet I don't know if the player makes it you could call it Players Association might not ask me after this segment the head coaches have been named Jeez the head coaches in may I have not seen the head coaches are named Marvin Lewis in hue Jackson.

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