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Is that I think right now we can't call these winds yet. It's only a win if you if you just believe breaking the taboo about the taboos that have surrounded free trade for the last twenty years are wins in themselves. I I do, but Trump has not made progress on the trade issue that everyone agrees is the issue and that he Amazon in the campaign which is China. We need actual progress with them. I, I would say, even we've gone into reverse because China's now trading more into North Korea and kind of breaking down the sanctions regime. So let's hit a few other things. Before we go, Luke even listening to a podcast called up in vanished. I have, yeah, I've been trying to branch out from just news podcasts. This is. A podcast by Atlanta based documentary production team. It's the second season of this particular show, and it's about young woman who disappeared in Colorado under some nefarious circumstances. It has really high production values and they do a lot of the old kind of radio, play style of suspense creation without at all, exploiting demeaning the very serious subject matter they've done. In addition to the first season, they put out a series on the Wayne Williams murders the Atlanta child murders from the late seventies early eighties. That's pretty compelling stuff. Michael. You've also been listening to a podcast is it doesn't want to do anything else here known? No, not really been driving a lot. Puckett's they're really like and listened to every week when it comes out is the spectator books. Podcast. It's hosted by Sam leaf who is the literary editor of the London spectator, and it's actually just a even spectator kind of has a of you. I would say Kapatid's toryism to it. I would say that this podcast and its subjects just range over everything and it's a, it's a great break from thinking about politics all the time, and it just makes you feel smarter to listen to it somehow. Charlie, have you been listening to a podcast about brisket or actually consuming brisket just consuming Briscoe. I feel on this podcast that I've become this parody. Imigran talks about football and alligators and brisket and all this stuff. But now I went to an event the night and somebody had slow cooked brisket for hours and hours and hours and hours. We don't really have this in England this this barbecue culture. We certainly don't have brisket. I was just shocked how good it is. It's one of those things that you see every time I say on Twitter that I've had barbecue somewhere. I stopped this huge civil war between different states so that you know that barbecue is terrible. The all barbecue's good ole barbecue's good. I'm brisket is is especially good. And yet another reason to love the United States, so Charlie should should up your game and get certified as a barbecue. Judge I. Oh yeah. And I can pronounce on state or area has the best barbecue. I have a relative who's a judge, and he can tell you in great detail just when you pull the brisket exactly how much less Tissot and snap back at it should have to be considered a high quality brisket. So my light, I've lied item is annoying marketing at the supermarket, which is entirely just intended to grab the attention of your kids and make them impossible to handle and get out of the store without grabbing what whatever the product is. I had this experience we were in in an aisle a couple of days ago and my daughter, she calls like every beverage juice. So she points and she's like, incredible juice, incredible juice. And there's this package. I think it was a milk product of that had incredible too. Wrapping what's incredible GPS. We don't. We don't know, incredible juices. We've never had incredible juice and she was. She said, I like it. So the those marketing dollars were were worth every penny. So let's before we go hit. Some editor's picks Michael..

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