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In the streets this man has been in the area since nineteen sixty nine and says he's never seen a gathering like this one with the cars and with the people seeing the changes over the decades here and the fact that the their folks of all nationalities all breeds that are recognizing the plight of black folks over the centuries that's positive a school bus parked on the street had no justice no peace black lives matter and the names of black people killed by cops in white letters on the windows including George Floyd in Lamar park Margaret Carrero can extend seventy newsradio LA mayor Eric Garcetti's announced the racial equity initiatives in city government what has to do with the possibility of a November ballot measure calling for the repeal of prop two oh nine which ended affirmative action in the public sector in the state back in nineteen ninety six all city departments as of today will begin planning affirmative action programs in our recruitment hiring training and personnel policies and these new policies will not be implemented of course unless proposition two oh nine is repealed and I hope that all of us will actively work with our neighbors and friends in our workplaces through our networks to make sure that important Ishant passes another initiative calls for each city department to hire a racial equity officer who will oversee each department's racial equity plan Chris said he also says departments and offices will be encouraged to consider a wide range of factors in hiring such is the adversities candidates had to overcome small business owners nonprofits LA county suffered damage during the protest can borrow up to two million dollars disaster recovery loans the small business administration given loans available to repair or replace damaged or destroyed property can be used to make improvements or protector prevents businesses from the same type of damage as well got a file application by August seventeenth travel either you have to or you're sitting home dreaming about someday I can do it again but how clean of the planes what are the rules people get booted for not wearing masks or get your questions answered about flying send us them lands in a four fifteen here on the air corona questions at KNX ten seventy dot com you might be traveling in the car right now and you're up front to get away will check the drives of the two ten out of Pasadena and the ninety one Anaheim hills coming up in four but it's it's three eleven it's time.

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