President Trump, Iran, Hillary Clinton discussed on KCBS Radio Morning News


I'm Steve cave in a string of tweets and free campaign stops, it's President Trump's activity the day before the midterm election. Press secretary, Sarah Sanders, people are voting on policy and things like the economy. I think we're in a really great position in the hard-fought. Senate battle in Texas Republican incumbent Ted Cruz is stumping for support today outside Houston. This election comes down to three simple issues, jobs, freedom and security CBS's. Steven Portnoy says the GOP is hoping to hold onto control of the Senate and house the Democrats paths to a house majority largely runs through district's were voters split their tickets last time voting for Hillary Clinton. But also choosing the Republican congressman or woman that was the case in Virginia's tenth district which Clinton won by ten but Republican Barbara Comstock, one by six I'm Peter King and Orlando in a sign that floor. Republicans may be worried. One local party chapter is offered to pay people ten dollars an hour to waive campaign signs along busy highways. What makes this interesting is that it's in Seminole county. Traditionally safe county for Republican votes, energy and financial sectors are targeted as the re-imposed US sanctions on Iran took effect today. The move comes months after President Trump exited the nuclear deal with Iran Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, we are making it abundantly clear to the Iranian regime that they will face mounting financial isolation until they fundamentally changed their destabilizing behavior. Iran's president vowed today to defy what he called the US bullying. Jury selection today in New York for the trial of a Mexican drug kingpin known as Chapo WCBS TV's, general Barral judge has ordered that the jury that will sit in this case will be kept anonymous and.

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