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Is somebody who does not want to kick candidates i'm sure she does giuliani brigham golden i did perk up the talk chocolates chocolate him even leave you for you believing all the morning she finds it comes to james goofy leaving there are more reasons now than i need to bring the wendy wendy was talked about earlier to bring in some rigor into had had we sought out some of the world's problems we could security security i'd listen he went to battle the wendy chocolate i mean man you you'd win the wendy what's happening on breakfast this morning fall off a whole lot of stories about that there are more charity sex scandals to come on a number of more before two cases we've seen save children boss has resigned also the charles getting to be leading the commonwealth it would appear after mummy putting forward for the job yesterday age of sixty nine for goodness sake it's just embarrassing do you not think so you don't agree with that i just think it's i i mean nepotism has its uses but i think he if he if he was if the cover was leaders thought he was the right man for the job i think they probably wouldn't need mummy to tell them but more on immigration close i will be talking to you jacob reesmogg and dominic grieve he's keen remoter about so the eu customs vote is going to be forced to an fulfilling hot.

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