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Anybody offer was there discussion about this particular individual today? We did anybody say that he had made threats or to be to look out for. John. What is your schedule? Do you work? Do you get in the morning and ended this shooter? Did you see him this morning as you started your day or did he appear? He wants right by. So this morning you saw the shooter just walking in like a normal day. Did he did he have a bag with him? Did you notice? So what time China take us through a little bit of time line here? What time with with? Suspected shooter have reported to work this morning. Seven o'clock in the morning and you saw him it seemed like a normal workday. Was there a lunch break at some point? So you work your seventy seven AM shift day over. Three thirty three thirty. So this happened during his shift. Okay. Why did he do there? Assembly. Is is it do you have an assembly line? Or are these? Gloves. Okay. No. And I don't know that you have the answer to this. But would you know at some point would he have walked out to the parking lot vehicle and then came back. Blankets eight. Okay. John Aurora Aurora resident this this person. Do you know did he live out there? Yeah. Love. He you said you were at the other end of the building from his work position. Well. Well. From eighty. You saw him every day. John pope works at the.

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