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In areas affected by the recent brushfires around los angeles county are being told to pack up now and pack up fast neighborhoods where the la tuna canyon creek and screwball fires burned are being prepared for evacuations and street closures sally county sheriff jim mcdonnell says they're being proactive in getting people out before the mud comes in yesterday all residents affected by the greek fire within our jurisdiction were notified a mandatory evacuation orders and it'll affect those in caygill canyon lopez canyon and little tonga areas around two dozen sheriff's deputies will be providing security for when neighborhoods are closed off at six o'clock tonight james rowe haas kabc news actor fred savage is being sued by a costumer who says he verbally and physically abused her and other women on the set of a tv show the alleged savage actions by savage occurred on the set of the fox tv series the grinder why wong was in charge of savages wardrobe and says he yelled at her curse data and demeaned her and other women on the set constantly with then she says there was the last straw attempting to brush off dandruff officer savages jacket mr savage snapped he yelled at me told me not to touch him and he hit my arm violently three times she says she reported it but all that happened was she was moved to another show savage denies the allegations the lawsuit seeks emotional distress damages jim roope los angeles president trump's defending his decision to congratulate russian president vladimir putin on his reelection while his chief of staff tries to find the leaker correspondent pamela brown has the details kelly has vowed to launch an investigation into this leak to the washington post specifically targeting anyone on the national security team who may be trying to undermine the president for many at this latest league is reminiscent of the leaks early on in this administration before kelly that were seen as a way to embarrass the president talks radio seven ninety kabc sports clippers looking snapped a fourgame skid when they battle the bucks this afternoon in milwaukee while the lakers hope to halt a three game slide when they visit the pelicans tomorrow docs go for their fourth straight win tonight when they visit the calgary flames and then the l.

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