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Then somebody in organizing uk off and anthony smith at the same time with just starting to this is before light heavy with lightweight moves so it was kind of just started still get his footing in his second. Run the of c. But i remember interviewing him thinking like this guy like get some winds and strings and wins together. He really could be a star and i mean the around. We have some bias when we interview anybody. We kinda like you know. There's a bit of a rooting for them. But there was something special about him. And and i was really surprised at like The guy who was such a veteran. And i'm like he should be. This is the guy he should journeyman. But there was a spark there and And i'm like man if he actually gets them west together and gets a run going. This is a guy who's going to be a name. And i never thought he'd compete for a title. That was completely surprising. But there's i think anyone who has injuried feels the same way that it's like. Wow there's he's different like this. This guy is different and and one of those special special athletes never made a hands. It just remember. Anthony is only one person here who picked ryan span in that alexander. Kaley all right. Let's who's who remembers these things. Remember when i was you bring that up. I was the big fights. I picked romero i scan and antic devin clark you watch. This is the man. I'm the only one who is like on record publicly with people all the time and they only remember when you're wrong guy. Remember your credit when you're right and as you just gotta show every what's happening right now ak is like okay. I know the nfl ugly cry ugly cry right so real quick. We'll take a couple of questions but goodwin for smith yakuts alaba goodwin. Lipsky needed that one really badly armand rookie on good lord where performance my goodness. No case fight love. It lived up. Lived up to that to be. He needed a finnish. He needed a performance like that. He got it. Nate maintenace with an incredible comeback win and then walking buckley with another incredible comeback winning. Because i thought he was losing entire fight until he got the knockout. So sean let's begin with you because this is one of those cards where it was very top heavy. There are a lot of competitive fights there couple of names that were very interested in if you had to choose like a sixth player award like your mba fan a six player award for this car like the under the radar star of vegas thirty seven. Who would you pick and why under the radar. That's a good question. I mean ultimately you might be one guy. You just mentioned. Which is our sarokin. I think i'm probably butchering the last name right. But my god man like that dude is gonna be a problem in this. Ucla division for years to come like. I am absolutely full on believer. At this point we even saw with his debut against islam market. Jeff where he kind of gave islam surprisingly competitive fight. And it's like. I should have been the first sign to a lot of people like what this guy could actually be but he is just looked like a monster sense and really the whole problem so far with with his you'll see careers he just hasn't been finishing people right and then come in today. In what was kind of a showcase fight like you mentioned the odds. I love it when the does is they. Don't do it nearly enough in my mind. Let these kind of prospects get these kind of showcase fights because that's what we get when you do that when you make that book and you get him looking outrageously good knocking this guy out and two in less than two and a half minutes and now who isn't excited does the rookie and really work. His way. up the ranks right like he is absolutely my star. This car in terms of underrated fighters coming in. And i cannot wait to see where he is where he sort of lands next in the lightweight division because this division stacked. It's always one of the most talent rich divisions in the entire sport. But right now when you got hunger young killers like him coming up. I love it absolutely love it. Yeah him into poor air. Two guys who could who could fight for titles to poison won't obviously at featherweight. But those are two guys who you gotta keep an eye on. So ak who is yours. Who is your six player award for thirty seven. I i don't know i. I mean i will definitely say she was flying into the because it feels like her fight. Now was actually. I was just say feels like her fight. Pie wasn't what six or seven hours ago. Now aaron blanchfield aaron blanchfield one of the one of the biggest betting favorite though so it's not like people don't know about her but she's what twenty two years old. She's amazingly accomplished already. She wants vice in invicta. She won a very she started. She lost a very close fight to tracy cortege local. You should have one so. She should be undefeated. She almost could've won an invicta title. She had a fight for vacant title against program zola's enforcing pro got Cove in nineteen so that why which just cancelled and then air blanchfield got the call up anyway so she just never got that. Chance to fight for an invicta title feel like two would have been favored in the program satisfied and Have had a good chance to win. But an amazing grapplers. She's a black belt at age. Twenty two she got a star. Making performance at one of those b is one of those eddie bravo invitationals. I got everybody talking about her. And then huge head kick in victoria leonardo. She's hit like all these you know we always talk about. When if someone's coming up as stars you gotta hit all these checkmark. So it's like okay. She had this big groping tournament. She won it can get a highlight finish. You gotta highlight finish invicta for major promotion. And then okay. What about her. Ufc debut scholars this hype behind her complete domination. She didn't get to finish but again. I think sarah alpar tougher than people are gonna are gonna realize her own to record. Says she's got herself some really tough fights for. Uc fights and also blanchfield is the real deal. I mean this is someone who will be a world title contender. I'll be shocked if she doesn't compete for usa title Sometime in the next two years. Hopefully they can. They can do a slow burn. And we're not even talking about until two twenty twenty three but air blanchfield lived up to the hype. Big time so anyone who May not have caught. The i i you fights of the of the early prelims i would definitely recommend. Please go check out the blanchard alpar fight. If you wanna see someone who's really young and really lived up to the hype Great performance dude. She threw like three hundred. strikes landed. Like one hundred of them with over she got up and leisurely walk to the to the physician was like i'm cool rats. Her nickname is cold blooded. And she's like so level all the time like an interviews again post fight interviews she rarely. It's almost scary. It's a it's a little scary. It's almost like the guy in that. That was that free solo. I think she might have that same. Honestly she might have that same condition he has because she just never rarely shows that kind of extreme emotion. It's it's really scary. Took yours casey. But do you get a was i. I can't i can even add more to dance. Yeah she's just i. I'm excited that she's a. She's a flyweight. Are we the problem. Kinko's ahead of everyone else. Right now flyweight. I think people kinda fans media to i think the ufc general kind of crap on the flyweight division ship. Jingle never gets a main event for pay per view because there's no no compelling challenger banks. Yeah but they're coming. They're coming down on the bench. Chose is one of those those. I don't know. I don't know who are big inspiration was.

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