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As a communication tool to help deputies and officers get suspects light card into custody one of the best ways to do that he says is to report anything that looks or sounds suspicious were taken matters into our own hands within the law as long as we stay within the law we don't break the law but we help the law we put people in jail that's that's a success it's a good thing in gold bar steve mccarron komo news received bret card has a lengthy criminal history dating back to 2011 komo news time seven forty four aaa traffic update once again here's marina rockinger we are nearing a two hour travel hind southbound i 5 out of everett if you're trying to head over to 405 and get yourself to bellevue the reason for this is a crash that's been blocking longterm southbound 405 in bellevue approaching 520 to both expressed lanes are blocked annan's just really caused this massive headache we've got slowdowns southbound i5 coming out of lynnwood those begin right around one sixty four through lynnwood down through shoreline rolling slow the northgate and then just kind of remaining thick as you head into downtown seattle you are everett to seattle travel time it right now is about an hour and a half as well we are seeing slowdowns a starting to form as you head across the bridge is particularly i90 westbound as you approach mercer island all the way over to the mouth baker tunnel eastbound is starting to slow from island crest way to east mercer way northbound i five heavy from midboeing field into downtown seattle northbound 405 solid through the renton scurves of towards the kenneydell hill in tacoma the right lane is blocked eastbound highway 16 at center street very heavy traffic from jackson it's very what on the roadways raining heavily in some areas and i ninety snow quami pass is closed eastbound due to multiple collisions next look at traffic 754 marina rockinger komo news heavy rain could you give me.

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