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About one AM Monday. No one spoke to the dispatcher, but the commotion police heard leads them to believe Jamie was endanger Nolan was on their asking for anything, except we heard background noise and that's what these experts are working on that nine one one call the break it down and Davidson's issuing that nationwide. Amber alert authorities say they have received more than four hundred tips. They're following up on David, Alex, pres-, Alex, thank you north of the border tonight. Recreational marijuana is now legal across Canada, and it comes not without controversy. Can Americans bring some of that marijuana back over the border ABC's GIO Benitez in Montreal tonight they started lining up before dawn down the street around the block thousands of Canadians, waiting hours to buy marijuana. As the day went on the lines, grew longer, Canadian flags, unfurled the country. Now, one of only two in the world to legalize recreational pot. It's pretty cool. Actually. It's like coming out of a prohibition. So that's how we're here because it's such a big moment. Yes, there are detractors, the Canadian medical association journal calls it all an uncontrolled experiment putting money above the health of Canadians, but prime minister, Justin Trudeau who campaigned on a promise to legalize today, tweeted that regulating putt means profits out of the hands of criminals protection for our kids. It could also mean an estimated four hundred million dollars in tax revenues. Niggling, Canada, and everybody should come to Calcutta and enjoy kind of big news north of the border tonight. Jail is in Montreal for us in a lot of people a here at home likely asking, can you bring some of that marijuana back across the border is legal. Well, David customs and border protection says absolutely not. And if they catch you with it at the border, you could be arrested, David Juba, Nina's in Montreal tonight you thank you. There is developing headline from the Justice department tonight. We've been following today..

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