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In a Lotta ways. Mma changed my life so so much. Because when I when I started this sport I was. I was in school To do a job that I really didn't WANNA do. I was married to a different guy. I didn't really like and I just had this. I was kind of Surrounded by people living this life that I didn't say I didn't enjoy it but it just wasn't for me and when I started Jujitsu May Is I started eating better I used to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day and so I quit smoking. Obviously because I wanted to be good at sport I started surrounding myself with really motivated athletes. That were chasing a dream and I've never really liked. Been around people like that before you know. I'd never really played a sport before. Been an athlete so It really did change my life like coops Lee and if you guys were to see who I was ten years ago it's like almost unrecognizable from the person that I am today really high Completely different life than than I had when I first walked into the gym that day and Yeah who knows what I would be doing but I don't think it would be good. It would be. I don't think it would be nearly as fulfilling. I don't think it would be nearly as exciting. I wouldn't be as proud of what I've done. You know there's just I can't imagine what it would be like if I hadn't become an athlete and as far as Eddie do we need to Do we need well. Let's explain to anyone who isn't aware of the history. Eddie and Lauren. Just very quickly He was your coach on the ultimate fighter. Eloquent twenty six and things philosophically. Let's put it nicely. People can bypass if you want to go see the drama that that was developed net show and as you. I think you're leaving his team. You want to go the other team Is that right because of again. Disagreements you guys had had In one darkly hilarious moment for us He could he confused you with fellow. Cast Mate Bar Pontiac and called you. Barb discussion involved barb. So there was some kind of rational but it was very rude of him and he called you bar and it was a very fiery Sort of departure from his team so obviously everyone wants to know what happened after and as this question says have you guys spoken. Since what's what's GonNa hell no fiber saw Eddie. Maybe I would speak to him just to fuck you think maybe any Edie Edie was And he was just a really bad coach like and I think maybe part of what I did was. I had my expectation set so high. I thought he was going to be the amazing coach in amazing person in Eddie's really just an athlete you know what I mean. He's not. He's not a coach and he's not a good coach for sure But there was a lot of things that happened on ultimate fighter that that don't get aired. There's a lot of things that don't get aired. That happened that I thought were really upsetting that. I thought were really disrespectful He was really really unkind to a lot of the women on that show Not just me but a lot of the women. I just happened to be the only one that would speak up or say anything about it. And so that is the part that made it on air but Yeah there's just I. I saw that question on twitter. I did start thinking about tough. I haven't I haven't really thought about Goldman fighter in a long time but I started thinking about it after I saw that question. I don't know I just I would do tough again. I really enjoyed the experience there. I loved meeting all the women. I still keep in touch with a lot of women from that show to this day. But Eddie was He was just a really bad coach and he was kind of a bad person he he did some really really hurtful things that just never made it on air so unfortunately. I could talk about it now but when the show was airing people just didn't get to see that so. Yeah so Did you I mean. Do you feel like it was it was just a misunderstanding or I don't know how much You know certain certain coaches and certain fighters trained with with women. I think some have more Spanish than others so I can't speak radio. I don't know a lot. Women are not. Did you feel that there was a misunderstanding on that level? Maybe Again? I I wasn't in the House I can't tell it was more like more like he treated us like we were all jokes like like we were just little girls with our stupid little game for our stupid little competition and you really degrading towards us. So like some of the things he knew if he talked a lot about the women even the ones on his own team to the other women on his own team so if like like when one woman would lose a fight as soon as they walked out of the locker room he would talk to the rest of the team about how they were quitters. They didn't along. They weren't good enough to be there. They shouldn't be there You know I lost her fight and then the next day he was like you know she's not cut out for the sport and he was telling my teammates that about me And that's not just me Keith. That all the women One of the other things like that came to mind was Like there was sober. Aerial back had a panic attack. You know and I know. She's stoppable panic. Attacks and and Eddie actually went in there and comforter and was like talking to her but the the thing was that he this of all the women in the House and circle with with the Red Marker. He put a big Red Circle around the girls that he thought could win the show and he put a big red x through the faces of the women that he thought didn't have a chance and aerial was one of those women he put a big red extra face and then he left that list sitting out for all of us to see you know what I mean and so she knew all season what he thought of her. She didn't want to go to practice with a guy like that. That thought that of her set thought she had no chance and that she wasn't a good fire. Obviously Yahya There was just all kinds of stuff that he did. He came to the house tonight. Okay we live in a mansion sixteen women living in a mansion and he came to the House for night with a friend of his. That wasn't even a coach on the show. Just a random guy that none of us had met. He got drunk with his friend in. Our House watched that we weren't allowed to watch and then let it never interacted with any of us. It was super disrespectful and just like really bizarre and so none of that kind of stuff makes it on air but those were the kinds of things that were really upsetting to you. I just felt so disrespected in so like that. Competition was for the. Us Belt death literally my dream and it's been to which makes it even worse because you would think a guy like that that aspires to be the champion and had been the campion would understand how badly we wanted to win. That competition and that that is not a lot to me. I felt like I was under a lot of pressure. I was one of you that hit already. I think just Roxana and I had already been in the AFC so there was all pressured of reform and do really well and I think Eddie knew that and I think he knows what that feeling is life and he's talked about it a lot and instead of helping people that were in his same position instead. He chose to humiliate them into me. That just seems so wrong. So when I left the team There was a scene of knee like handing him a card and the card. I thanked him for everything that he had done in told him. You know thank you for taking the time to coach us. Stay on it. It's not easy to do you. Unfortunately like I just think you know going get you the best thing for me. I wish you so I would do all that again. You know I would act in exactly the same way. I feel bad for the women that didn't get to experience. What a great host. Dustin was great coach Trevor. Wittman was because they were awesome. They were so good and I'm really really grateful that I got to spend some well. People always want to know more about the financial. We'll see about that particular story so guys. That was a story there too. That is Dana White. Said on an ask me anything on Reddit over the weekend that Oh he said he said we never cut any of the good stuff everything you see on the show is everything you know that you guys WanNa see so. That's one side of the story. Now we've got the story of Lauren. Someone who's been on the show so I'll just say fans Make of that what you will you know you guys can make your day. Dana said that they don't they don't put out the good stuff interesting. That's just what he said. It's a forty minute. Show about commercials and they shoot six thousand hours. I'll put other stuff. It's garbage case carpet. You don't need to see you don't need to know all right you don't see and another thing that I didn't really realize about the ultimate fighter in this also mind mistake You know that it's meant to build up characters for people to get invested in when they go into the UFC. You know what I mean so you watch the show. You meet all these new faces. That are anime that maybe fans haven't seen before they get to know the personalities and then when those fighters go into the UFC following behind them they have their their stories out there already and so it makes sense that when people win the ultimate fighter. They're portrayed in a very good white and people that don't win on the show are pretty expendable and so me being a little bit older having already been in the UFC not having had a great run at one. Thirty five. And then losing in the first round of ultimate fighter. I put myself in a position where I was very very expendable to the production crew. So I I hope that makes sense in that. That part is my fault. I did not perform well on the ultimate fighter and if I had performed better I think I would have had I think they would have portrayed me in a better light but it's my fault for not performing when I needed to well now number six in the rankings. So it's really great so we'll go father with all that said. Lorne you but you said you would do it again though I would. I would like to go back and do it. Better for one thing I'm actually kind of excited about the opportunity to maybe fights at apex or something with no Audience because it will be a lot like the ultimate fighter and to me. It's going to be like a chance to do it again and do it better this time. Like I want to show the world that I've learned from my mistakes and You know I I. I've not only learn from my mistakes that I've improved so much that I can go into a situation like that and perform really well. I do hope I get another chance. But like the ultimate fighter. I didn't get along with Eddie but I did get along with all the other women still keep in touch with a lot of them to this day. I made some really great friends and I did have some really cool experience on their. You know living in a mansion like that In just being on a show like that is a really unique and wild experience in. I like that kind of stat so I would definitely do it again. And I'd like to go back and do it better. Will a court will cases. You took that photo at the Apex Casey of the of the deal to find fighter time line and said like it's done to two thousand eighteen like I had an end date so they don't want it says it's going back but why put an end date on the ultimate fighter if it if it is in bad he'll be back. The question comeback. Tombstone the birthday in when it died. And it's right there on the wall so I'm like the first time you see when you walk in. It's very strange next all the jerseys But Casey any other questions. That was a very long but interesting. Answer wouldn't be out of..

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