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To join the program tonight. Finally. And then there's this Ah class action lawsuit filed last week here in California, accused of subway of fraud and false advertising over the content of its tuna sandwiches. Which the suit claims is in quote entirely non tuna based mixture that defendants blended to resemble tuna and imitate its texture, Close quote. Let me go back to my interest of full disclosure in the interest of full disclosure. I don't eat tuna never have never will. So I'm pretty indifferent. I'm good in this regard. But here's the real point. And I say this sticking to my story. I'm going to subway tomorrow for lunch. Regardless of what I'm getting ready to say I will get the chicken and soy breast. Patty, I won't be getting the tuna. Are beginning the six. It's sandwich because real men are self confident with only six inches and I won't ever eat Tuna and Jared Fogle won't influence my dietary choices one way or the other, But here's the real point. After a while, it gets to be that the whole world can't be wrong about you. Subway. After a while. It's fair to not trust your marketing and your promotion. And after a while, it's fair. From where I sit. The question, Whether anything on your menu is exactly as you're promoting it. After a while. Well, just come to expect the lawsuit or two or eight surrounding the ingredients of like, I don't know your ham or your turkey slices. Don't get me wrong. Processed food is processed food. But if your slogan is eat fresh And it is your slogan. Then you might want to think about changing it in the very near future. Change it to something like, um, we lie about all the shite we sell. That's a good one. You might get sued less. Start selling quote unquote somewhat chicken or quote unquote. For the most part, it is chicken. Say that you mostly have spokespeople who aren't child sex offenders. Start selling. Wait for I got a great idea. Start selling quote. Unquote size doesn't matter. Sandwiches instead of foot longs. Leave yourself some gray area to live in. And no to Walla. I'm not going to do some inappropriate joke about tuna fish in bad taste. We don't do that. Here on the Mo Kelly show. This is only about highbrow humor. We would never do it inappropriate. Bad tuna fish joke. I don't even know where your mind is going with this and I'm not going to humor it. No, I'm not doing the joke. And so Tony doesn't have to dump this. No,.

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