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Hm fuck you greg how do greg yeah then i realize like i do that all the time i do that ninety nine when he was asked mafia hungry muslim now yeah so i started things out the same way do i i thought about i was thinking a lot about this i was like is bayonet a game for greg miller and i know the answer is not yes i don't wanna see it's no though yeah i feel like it somewhere in the middle where it's you always talk about if you you're in the right mood for these games you i feel like there is a mood for greg miller to light bayoneted okay advice i'll give mojo go to straits bayoneted to oca been at a one takes little too long to get into the swing of things i think it's still funding wacky but i think is a little bit quicker and a little more polished of a game despite ten editon you've got nuclear inter slow all i think shirk but not too by these events asked the games and if you haven't played him before this is a great way to play them and gearing up for three is off my thing about it is it's just a incense suir it's an action game right it's playing like eight isla shot joe karam playing a dmc of youthful those are very different but yeah you're right you're epa vmc uv okay tmz and bayonet i would wake swedes we babies together in were jassem odd fan fix alqaeda merely decision yes uh but no it is in the style of the devil may cry 'cause i want saw bossi i like herds of enemies coming and the point is cool styles action with her having a bunch of one liners and it's it's it's an on animate the crazy enemies stuff not not the like not bad way stuff no com and i think that it's.

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