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It's a sore spot. What's what's what's the biggest TV? You have. The one we have now is four just forty fortyish measure tomorrow. I mean, that's that's like three inches now. I'm like, no. That's not gonna watch football. It's not adequate five inches. Yeah. Getting you gotta go seventy a really really really good friend that I see every day who has a home theater that he could invite me over to see all you'll have to introduce me to that guy. Because that sounds pretty cool really close to me every single day. Really? Yeah. Somebody an invisible friend over there. They're going this week. I just want. How often says, hey, come over? Hey, we we did that not that long ago at the at the was that we did that. It was the two thousand. Twelve twelve twelve debate between Obama and the last time. Less time. No, it isn't really we might have played peanut we play ping pong since. So. Okay. So I've been there twice twice. Come on. It's more than that. Isn't it? No, no. That's what I said. You won't you don't leave your house though. It's why triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. I'm not bitter. I'm just saying. Well, how many times I've been waiting for that a grant of none? So far. Oh, you to come out there and. All right. And it's like look the gas money alone is not worth. It's not worth. It. Just is not worth not. Here's an amazing story. I've been saving for. I don't know a rainy day. I think it is raining today. It's raining somewhere. Yeah. An atheist minister in a Christian denomination just got to keep her job leading a congregation after several years of turmoil. Why would you have turmoil? From an atheist minister the problem, we're running a Christian denomination. Why would you what I took the Reverend Greta Vosper with a theologically liberal United church of Canada said she's free now to minister at west hill. United church in Toronto after a confidential settlement with the denomination. It's gonna be wonderful. She said. We'll be out from underneath that heavy cloud. Now will be really able to fly. Wait. So not talk about God, even minutes. Right. Right. Isn't that great? You're going to a Christian church. And the pastor is an atheist doesn't believe in Christ doesn't believe in God by definition. That's what an atheist is. Why would you allow that woman to preach in your church inter Thurman sermons every Sunday, she openly talks about how she doesn't believe the bible is the third Renate of word of God for all time conviction. She's she long held before her ordination say that again, I'm sorry. What she doesn't believe the bible is the authoritative word of God for all time. And it's a belief. She held b before or be deigned. So she might have picked the wrong line of work. I mean, I don't judge her bazaar is this what in the world at some point. You gotta be like. Yeah. I should probably go. Be a plumber some I guess she recites traditional prayers hymns that perpetuated idea. She didn't believe in. And so she would tell her she would inform her congregation of that. People they tried to remove her and couldn't. Wow. What a what a war now. She's getting free money to walkaway. Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three years. It never tomorrow. We'll talk to you. Godfrey?.

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