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Everybody welcome back to some buds podcast this is episode number eighty five i had no clue this time around third amazon's gonna get sixty four but that seems fifty miles away back and my name is henry sally and it is just us to today jeremy is away on travel with work and all that so he will probably be back next week in the cia considering the chloe will be way next week i'm back son he's not made of money it's a fast trip tomorrow that's how i do it today where how long it'll be two weeks heck no to sam i didn't know how long are you gonna be better like five days oh she owes oh you're sad yeah it's like geez warming craftsman but now i'm disappointed you're trip couldn't be longer i mean thank you yeah but yeah okay well you i appreciate that anybody else i would take note as it yeah yeah but i know that vacate right i know and then i'm gonna new york for sure probably forty eight hours total what for you we can talk about it oh well oh wow oh you later or is it would i think it is no no no anyways what no no it's do you think it's me stocking no no no no any what what did you think was really late you're you're so yeah you thought stocking not stalking i thought you were we're gonna have a date in new york city yeah considering human on not new york that's what i just i realized oh never mind that i did go to germany to go on a date one so like trump i think pat me on germany chloe were you doing yeah go someplace sunny not were tailing in april yeah don't no but that does not mean soccer team should have waited oh yeah i mean anyway anyway here we are gonna be talking about the new elton john bio pic well i think rocket man and then we're gonna be doing a review of another of a classic car what have you been calling the the bonus shows shows a game oh nice yeah which i i only realized the second a few minutes ago that he was in both but yeah we're gonna be doing billy elliot from two thousand which is another kind of classic a performing arts you know creativity movie right and then we have some news a decent better news you big things we could probably go i've never seen the whole time suicide 'cause i've been trying so hard to keep it in like inside the no spoilers but i feel the census other movie plus it's it's just catching music yeah it's been whole time you're on the way home from the theater i was just rocking out on the soundtrack yeah loving it ever beautiful life tear negative does yeah mhm end yeah then we have some listener questions all all the usual stuff so thank you so i'm curious about the news oh there's some good stuff there you hear the parent tino news the jingo gained oh and there's also an i'd be upset no and then making it rises didn't arrive do you want will get to it will get to embarrassingly comments by a score says wait an irishman oh i know we gotta get out of my dad but a yellow me oh not too much i suppose 'em been working a fair bit and i this past week and i felt like three or four movie so hurry to keep up my i didn't i will see that this week though i saw godzilla so i saw john wick are so rocket man okay 'em allen from crazy on some point in their lives locally you better go listen to me now here's the inside scoop not for you had me for all the listeners out there and the area if you go crazy on the program go anytime on saturday sunday monday he won't be there sunday monday through friday go between like eleven and three he'll play be there till it's not worth it to go if he's not there right when i say he's a character or he's a character oh my god it'd be a good sitcom everything but he's like the kindest person you it's like that's not the first thing you notice because he's like larger than life yeah what is it oh yeah so alan from crazy on the podium is obsessed with john wick really he loves john wick and he loves 'em watching those people he's obsessed with a like robo calls himself as well unlike fraud scholars watching those things on youtuber need just loves it yeah he does some now like you know those people who like will keep the fraudulent like the horrible there's no excuse for behaving like that and i know you're from a place where there love opportunity that doesn't mean you're allowed to screw people unacceptable yeah right right anyway stepping up the box but anyway so he looked like he start doing it now like talking to them being like caught like i'm in costa what gift card like he just does those on speaker in the store basically lying on everything but yeah he loves john wick and whenever he has seen the movie you know it's very passionate man right takes everything he has a big heart an amazingly like applies to everything which i love like just everything is very mean something to him you know what i mean including movies when he's telling people about movies it's like it's a real like i used to like what my grandmother had dementia partway dimension maybe like just i dunno not numb mainly obviously micro most like my favorite person but i would talk to her is a little bit funny 'cause it's a little bit funny okay but guys like hated harry potter she's got harry potty right classic 'em but so i used to be like oh yeah my friend harian my friend ron in like remind me of old law like telling her about them as if it was the true story you know i'd already magic our lawyers like you won't believe this story man i like the other day he's kids not into the library god oh my god this stuff right and so that's how he is with all things so he talks about john john wick and you won't believe what they did to him life in retirement but then you won't believe this where they killed his job the very beginning of of fruit would do like i've never seen this movie but that's how he talked about like well yeah it is a it's a big moment at the beginning of the first move well allen also loves dog so that really got well you know he has died creativity still gotta you know takashi yeah so kevin love's tashi all dog yeah that's creature you know although hillsborough so.

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