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Yeah, we're big fans of raji mirage too. He was with me in the first hour of the program, talking about his new endeavor called road jockey. Pretty cool stuff to go back and listen to that on the podcast after we finish up at 11 a.m. eastern Tim wilkin was with me in the first hour as well. He'll be with me again. In the final hour of the program for I ask they answer he'll be joined by Dell Romans. Bob E halt was here, at 9 o'clock eastern great stuff from bob, talking about the New York islanders and the new arena and how this plays into nyron what their approach is going to be going forward. And then Ron nicoletti walking through that Gulfstream Rainbow Six sequence later today. That was in the previous segment. Poll question today, which morning line favorite is most likely to win in today's three greatest stakes races across the country. You have obligatory in the cholula key serve the king in the red Smith and 8 rings in the native diver and then the fourth choice is that all three will win, and right now it is served the king, HR and nation saying 37% of you saying that serve the king is the most likely of the morning line favorites to win in those three races today had a couple of people chime in and say that all three will get beat. And Kent weighs in and says he likes midcourt to win today. So there you go. Keep those votes coming at HR N on Twitter. Horse racing radio network on Facebook and if you don't do that, you can email the show. Mike, at horse racing radio .NET. Well, it's time now as I do in this segment every single week to take a look at some notable dates in racing history as they apply to this weekend to this weekend. Yesterday, November 19th,.

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