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This should be working toward peace if everyone could understand that in come forward with that and I think we have a good chance but otherwise, we'll just repeat the same mistakes and we've done that in some instances in other ways so. As you say that I'm thinking of the families separated at our southern border, the kids in cages I mean all that's not a was not a war, but it's almost kind of being talked as an invasion right and and so there's there are parallels here that. I think some of the news media have been trying to put the human face, the family's. Not Spin, but but framing on on this issue right and and I think it is important that we see this impacting real people, rural children, real moms, and dads like how would you be thinking feeling? You know if this was this was happening to you and your family so that? Timeless message it's. It's something that always needs to be put out there I think the first. Trick is to dehumanize the opponent the adversary. So. It doesn't register whether it's slave enslaving them or you know genocide or what have you so thank you so much for for taking the time to get your mom to talk about this. Unsure. It was very healing for her before she passed away and for now putting it into this book if People WanNa, get this book. Yes, any any way that they can do that and do you have a website? They can they follow kind of your speech what have you in maybe if you're going to be speaking I, don't know in person virtually in their area that they could find out about these things. Absolutely, I have a website it's www dot kathleen birkenshaw dot com. Also. They'll be linked to my blog post, which also discussed when I'm doing various events Also, if you WANNA purchase my book, it's wherever books are sold right now the hard copy is sold out. So they have the better they are right now and yes and You can also order preorder the paperback which is coming out at August twenty fifth that will be available and what about teachers Teachers out there I'm sure there are who are in our listenership. They're they're now wanting to use this book in a classroom setting. Off. They're also curricular materials that go along with it or is this kind of center? I do have a discussion guide and there are ways that people have used it for language arts as well as social studies. As well, from other schools and you can also get the book through scholastic as well through their we need diverse books club and trying to think. So if they want to go to the website and there's also information about the events, my virtual visits, how those can be set up and to kind of go from there. So. I hope that they'll enjoy if they do pick up the ball. I'm sure that they will thank you again for who you are and what you're doing. Definitely, want to see you get healthier and. You know more Mobile I. Think you shown so much courage and Just, I think brilliants in in doing what you've done in making your mom story. So so accessible to so many people and I share your Ardour to see peacemaking as as definitely an obsession of everybody on this planet. Nobody nobody benefits from war. factly. Exactly. Thank you so very much for your kind words. Thank you. You're welcome and again folks My guess has been Kathleen Birkenshaw and She has written this book that I think a lot of us. Now are GonNa WanNa, get into read and to pass along, and again I want to encourage those in a in a classroom situation This is A. A way to tell this terrible chapter of our our history in a way that I think especially younger people will be able to identify with why this is horrific and should never happen again it's it's horrible that it happened at all but you know, let's let's learn from this and I hope that there are many more trees planted around the world. With little plaques, you know explaining that some things have survived just like your mom and lived to tell the story of learn from our pain learn from our suffering. This should not happen to anybody else. Absolutely absolutely. Well. Thank you again. Kathleen and look forward to seeing the paperback copy of your become out so that even more people can get it. Yes. Thank you. Yes and the United Nations has named it a education resource for teachers and students as well. So. We'll thanks for just inserting that at the very end that that's a great honor. Good for you. All right. Yeah and you you stay safe and rest up and Hopefully, we'll meet in person someday. I would love that. Thank you so very much for all that you do and to get the information for all Asian Americans. Thank you. Oh, you're welcome..

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