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Have a visit from I think the case, Laurie and Julia. Oh, goodness. All right sex Monday. Well, imagine my surprise as villain Laurie. When I was formed that Lori and Julia were taking some time off to taking vacation, it's vk Shen. Let's see what would be the occasion that both Laurie and Julia be taken a day off. What could it be? I know. It's Monday, well, girls, great work, if you can get all I brought Julia filling Julia along with me today to be called vk. Julia use that oh here. But it's it's pretty good. Pretty good one. Any who says Lori is resting are pretty head today. I fill in Laurie the person who fills in when Lori decides to sleep one off. Julia Phil V Julia who fills in with when Laura tells her to stay home, right, which I think is what happened here. Well, we were asked sex Monday today. So with your help. Julia, let's get started. I've much teach all of you. Let's talk about first date sex. I talk about this lot. I talk about sex constantly, in fact. Study that support something I've been trying to get you people to understand for the last fifteen years is finally come out something about sex. I think George Michael pest when he said Sex's, natural sexist fun Sex's best when it's one on one. Unless of course, there are three or more of you. And then just do whatever nature required. All right. Here's the deal is actually best when you have it on the first date. Julia, no one ever seems to want that for me. I'm not sure why. Forty two research almost sixty percent of men and women. Julia who had sex on the first date had it with someone turned out to be there long term partner. So they have the sex of the first date like I've always recommended and then have sex on the second third and fourth and fifth and sixth dates multiple times. Well, the people that did that they stay together. Julia so much for the old saying what was that saying why should a man by a farm a cow something then kissed the cow and ask her for free mill. That's it gets them for free inning. I love though, on by the mail can give you free. Kyle's that it McDonald Etta farm. We're gonna move onto millennials. Julia. Oh, I moved on to Milan hill. Did you last year's been filled with? Has been filled with millennium. Okay. Millennials are not having sex. That's according to a study in the Washington Post twenty eighteen was the most sexless year from Eleni most sexless here for millennials the least sex at twenty eighteen bet you wonder why would certainly wasn't the case for my twenty. Study cites stress and a lack of time and energy. Oh, come on Molyneux's. What are you my mom? Anyway, the biggest reason for the lack of sex is that millennials this? Julia. They're more risk averse than previous generations. They stay home. They play video games. Okay. Video games are playing risk risk of. It's not a board game. I don't like to take this verse. Okay. Like universe but risk and it's a verse of risk. So it's kind of upside down and backwards. You're making it verse kids, listen to Laurie if you have to take risks, and you have to have sex do boomers and gen Xers did to feel sexy Caja, you'll remember all I think so get a home Perm. Put on your nicest next wetter with denim overalls. Shorts was my sex in the day. I with that under an embroidered denim vest. This ransom, Charlie Cologne. Get out to a single Spar. Look for a guy with the bus stash a hairy chest. James about pants and a gold nugget pinky ring again. Own strip. On my way. All right. Millennials in a nutshell. Leave your house. K it's not that hard to do if you wanna have sex. You must leave your house turn off porn box three sixty four and get join us out of the singles bars. All right. Julia. That's great. But remember millennials risk his position like risk-averse cow, girl or something. I'm trying. All right. So that wraps up sex Monday Bill Laurean villain. Good monday. Wow. That.

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