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Of the isis is you've had the society that's endured a hundred and fifty thousand years plus now in the last two hundred years thanks to the kind of advent well i suppose colonialism men advent of actually farming cultures coming into this area there's only one hundred thousand of them left they unbelievably marginalized some pretty much every measure the poorest most marginal on the group left in southern africa and they're having a pretty tough time and there's a kind of irony that at a time where we live on a planet where we looking act sort of absolute environmental constraints beginning to crashing on us and we're living at a time with a seven and a half billion of us you have to actually somehow find a way making limit living on this place that the most sustained society in human history is being consumed and destroyed by one branch of humanity that developed at much less sustainable way of living and unique key for me is to try and understand we're at a very important point in our history we we've talked work out new ways of doing things and i think we can do really well that when we're trying to shape our future and a lot of this of course has to do with how we engage in use tech we could do really well trying to understand better what it is that made this society so extraordinary and enduring and then maybe take those principles and start applying them to how we develop and engage with all teach in terms of how we organize economically how we vote tech how we respond to things like automation will let's talk about how they have done so well for so long up to this point the title of the book is affluence without abundant you talked about their technology that's a relative term because technology in their terms is basically a lightweight digging stick in a bowl with narrows white absolutely to look technology israeli about how we engage with the world around us it's effectively the application scientific knowledge and for these guys to make the excess as huntergatherers they develop the technologies unrefined refined that technologies over and over again like you point out that the xbox one x that's rising everybody's putting acts on these the three point you know the processes of continuous refinements when we look at the archaeology from.

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