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Rather have Tommy John surgery. I can't even pitch trans Siberian orchestra kind of feel elbow by the way. How were you able to not to get go back to whatever. How are you able to still bat and hit home runs whilst needing Tommy John surgery? I don't know. It's the weirdest thing in the world. How are you like? Oh yeah, that's it. Career, his surgery. It's gonna take them out until twenty twenty. It's gonna take for. Oh yeah. But by the way you're still in the lineup tonight. Shouldn't he be the rookie of the year? What's he? Gonna eighteen home runs just under fifty RBI's and he's got four wins. I believe is a pitcher. I mean, I know that you have an do a har- with the Yankees who in glacier Torres, but you know what he's done that hasn't been done since Babe, Ruth. I think he has to be the rookie of the year. It's going to be interesting with the awards this year because it's not typical. I think degrom is your Cy Young winner, and I hope the voters, you know, understand just exactly how brilliant he has been mclovin. Can you check on Jacob degrom. I remember reading or hearing about it. He is giving up three runs or less. I think in like twenty one consecutive starts. Does that sound paulie? Do you got the number twenty five hundred? Five consecutive starts of three run. That's never been done before. I think in modern baseball history. It's era right now is one point. Six eight, can you? I don't think that's ever been done. You know, even in nineteen sixty eight when they raise the mound and you had Bob Gibson one point one, two I don't know of anybody has had this kind of dominating season for pedestrian lineup, like the Mets. Yeah. Mclovin Steve Carlton in one thousand nine hundred ninety two Phillies I I don't know if you remember this year. All I do. They were the worst team in baseball won every game base. Well, he won almost half their games. Twenty seven twenty seven. They won fifty. Seven I think attack is he RA might have been one point seven, two back then. But Steve Carlton was. Unbelievable. That might be the greatest single season in modern baseball history. When you consider I they won less than sixty games and he won twenty seven of them. They win fifty nine games. Yeah. Okay. So he he, he want more than half. Yes, todd. The Gigiri had that to amazing was a twenty eight and three year. You've got to put him right up there as I can look in seventy eight. Did we? The Gidron was great, but he was playing for a team that won the pennant and they. I mean, that's different Carlton one hat over half of their games. Amazing. Couple of phone calls in here. Start with Matt and Colorado. Hey, Matt. What do you have? Do you have for me. Eight in a first time long time. Five eleven one sixty five. So I was just hoping you could explain to me so Levy on bills holding out. And he said, he doesn't want to be a Steeler next year. So what's he want like a one year contract? So he gets his fourteen million. Sorry, go ahead. I think he wants to be able to get through the season be somewhat productive, but be healthy limited number of touches and then go sign this second contract. I think that's what the goal is. I don't. You know, he doesn't want to get hurt. And if the if I'm the Steelers, I'm load him up and giving him the ball as much as possible because a, he's my best player and two. We're not gonna have him next year in, but later on Belle's agent knows this. And that's why they're, they're like, no, we're not gonna show up and play all the games here because there's not. There's no bargaining. There's no negotiations going on here. It can't get more money there. He just doesn't want. He just doesn't want to get hit. Yeah, a couple of games and then he'll play for. Fourteen games. No, there's talk that maybe sits out the first nine games and then comes back for the ten th game, and then he gets credit for this year to become a free agent. Yeah, thank you, Matt, Bob in South Carolina. Hi, Bon hike and, hey, interesting..

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