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Shut up shut up. We nobody wants to hear from you right now. Can't you see and she all she hates opiates Aurora so much and Ron Ron Clark her ally. Her rider die couldn't even get to not vote for a Rura. And then we have the moment in the Aurora is going to then say to Ron Clark echoes of Sierra, dawn Thomas Angouleme. Will you hold onto my extra vote? Although technically, I think that Sarah Lassina the with the extra with three. And it's the retry does pull that move. But it was non transferable. I guess this one is transferable. Yeah. Right. Hold it. You could hold it. Right. Yeah. And Ron Clark was left with that decision. And I really thought Ron was going to vote out Aurora there. But do you what do you think? Do you think it's better to vote out Aurora and keep the extra vote or to keep to keep Aurora and build trust with her? I will keep her Bill. I wanna specifying. She's a challenge species going to have. Yeah. That's what he did. But I'm thinking that maybe he should have voted out Aurora tonight because he's able to one keep Julie happy because he gets rid of Aurora, and then Wardag just voted for Kelly Wentworth. And so now, we've got the circular firing squad happening again, you think Kelly when we're going to be happy with war dog after this. So now, not only do you have the extra vote. You got rid of Aurora who your ally doesn't like. And then also now wore dog and Kelly Wentworth or fighting..

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