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Who we interviewed who are experts on these issues like carolina broscoe at sundance end stacy smith euasean dr martha lauzon at san diego state university women tend not to be in these networks of influence as much so you know at the agencies and production companies and networks they're still largely run by men and men run in those networks and just have more access to these opportunity these catherine hard work tells a heartbreaking story about a very difficult day on the set of the twilight movie that she directed where everything was going wrong she step behind a tree and had a very quick cry a woman can do that is considered weak and ineffectual a man can go on some sort of thai rate and yell at everybody and he's a strong leader i mean it's true we have different expectations for for men and women and i think there's the whole like male genius meth where you can act completely insane n berate people and throw things and if you're passionate and if the movies are good it's you're just a genius n you know everyone accepts it because of what a genius that person is and women don't have a counterpart to that there's not a you know a female version of that as you're interviewing these directors you also show you our side of the interview and it often shows that there are mainly women behind your cameras with that important to you that a film about female directors be made by female filmmakers absolutely with this film we wanted to show what it looks like to make a movie and i think there is you know there can be mystique in and mystery about what a director does in the magic of making movies and we wanted to show hey here i am as the director sitting on an apple box asking questions here are my two female dps setting lights here's here's our crew so to kind of you know disabuse people of the notion that it's some magical round that only certain guys have the key to opening i mean making movies as kraft in its effort in its passion it's telling your stories and so we wanted to.

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